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PROSHRED® is an on-site, confidential document shredding and recycling service that provides the most secure, convenient, cost-effective and environmentally sound method available for destroying confidential documents to safeguard private information, and avoid breach-of-security situations that might result in negative publicity.

PROSHRED® protects your organization by preventing the leakage or misuse of private information stored on paper or electronic media such as HDDs, back-up tapes, CDs, DVDs, SIM cards, scratch cards, or any other data storage units. The service saves your employees valuable time and reduces storage and overhead costs.

Our services include:
• Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding Service: on a weekly/bi-monthly or monthly basis, PROSHRED® offers on-site paper shredding service for its clients.

• Purge Shredding Service: this is for larger, more specific paper shreds such as end-of-year cleanouts.

• Electronic Materials Destruction: PROSHRED® can also offer the destruction of hard drives and other electronic storage materials.

Not only are all your documents completely destroyed on-site, they are also recycled, and you will receive an annual “Tree-saver” certificate to let you know how many trees you have saved.

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