Every company has data that needs to be disposed of in the most safe, efficient & confidential way. With PRO​SHRED® averda introduces a cost effective international on- site shredding service, which thoroughly and safely destroys your confidential data, while ensuring that 100% of all the shredded waste is recycled into new paper products.

PRO​SHRED® provides businesses with the most secure, convenient, cost-effective and environmentally sound method for destroying confidential documents while avoiding breach-of-security situations.

PRO​SHRED® protects your organisation by preventing the leakage or misuse of private information stored on paper or electronic media such as HDDs, back-up tapes, CDs, DVDs, SIM cards, scratch cards, or any other data storage units. The service is easy and convenient.

PRO​SHRED® is operated in the MENA region under the exclusive rights of averda, the region’s trusted leader in waste management and environmental services.

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Become an official Tree Saver

Not only are all your documents completely destroyed on-site, they are also recycled, and you will receive an annual "Tree-saver" certificate to let you know how many trees you have saved.

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