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Growth strategy

About us

We believe that the only way to make a lasting difference in the emerging markets – and deliver long-term value for stakeholders – is to make a positive social and environmental impact. And, perhaps more importantly, to change attitudes towards waste and recycling issues. This approach is at the heart of our business model.

Averda’s strategy is to continue to build its international, wholly owned network organically and through acquisition so that we can make a global contribution based on reducing the environmental impact of what we do whilst enhancing the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people.

We’re loving our progress so far. We’re rapidly growing across major developing markets by creating environmental and waste management strategies that minimise damage, improve resource retention and raise awareness of some of the big challenges our world faces.

We want to help the developing world lead the way by living within the natural limits of what our planet has to offer. For Averda that means finding unique solutions for governments, municipalities and the private sector that impact the environment, society and governance. It means advocating for change and aggressively challenging the use of old technologies and lazy ways of doing things.

We’re driving transformational change that can help everybody enjoy living in a cleaner world.