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    The Board's role is to oversee the CEO and other senior management in the competent and ethical operation of the company on a day-to-day basis and to ensure the long term interests of the company are being served.

    Steve Lucas

    Chairman of the Board, Chair of the Nomination & Governance Committee, Chair of the Remuneration Committee, Independent Non-Executive Director

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    Steve has 40+ years of financial and leadership experience with listed and private companies, including eight years as Finance Director of National Grid plc, and as NED in the energy, mining, food and telecom sectors, all with extensive operations in emerging markets.

    Esa Ikaheimonen

    Chair of the Audit Committee, Independent Non-Executive Director

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    Esa is a senior executive with decades of experience, particularly in the oil and gas sector, including senior leadership positions at companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, Transocean Plc, and Genel Energy Plc.

    Supriya Sen

    Chair of the Sustainability & Safety Committee, Independent Non-Executive Director

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    Supriya has 30+ years of investment banking experience including with public and private programmes in the cleantech and sustainability sectors. Her previous employers include World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and Citibank. Supriya has also served as an Independent Non-Executive Director on several public, private and non-profit boards globally.

    Haythem Macki

    Non‑Executive Director

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    Haythem is a Partner at Keystone Equity Partners and one of the founders of Growthgate Capital, a significant shareholder in Averda. He has decades of experience in banking, corporate finance and management, and is a director of several multinational companies.

    Karim Souaid

    Non‑Executive Director

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    Karim is a founder and Managing Partner of Keystone Equity Partners and a director of several international businesses. His career spans most MENA markets and sectors, including banking, telecoms, minerals & mining, and oil & gas, and seven years as MD of Global Investment Banking at HSBC (Middle East).

    Malek Sukkar

    Chief Executive Officer & Director

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    Malek is Averda’s CEO. A trained engineer, he joined Sukkar Engineering in 1994 and became CEO of the newly consolidated Averda Group in 2000. Malek is also a Board member of Growthgate Capital, a Trustee of Boston University and a founding member of WEF’s Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE).