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We're Averda 

We manage waste in cities, industries, offices and homes across three continents.

About us

Our Business

Our business

Wherever we go, and whatever we do, we’re united by a common vision: to clean our world.


We know that a cleaner environment results in better lives for businesses, communities and individuals.

Our vision – a cleaner world, better lives – is something everyone at Averda share and aspires to. We clean and change lives for the better – whether that’s playing in a street without rubbish, attracting more visitors and investment or managing hazardous waste.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the largest, most innovative, most adventurous waste management company in the emerging world.

Innovation has always been at the heart of what we do. Today it drives us to deliver new and exciting ideas that exceed expectations at every turn.

Our values

Our core values are to deliver, care, and inspire

Deliver: We deliver on our promises.

Care: We care about our communities.

Inspire: We inspire others through our actions.

Our strategy

Grow. Transform. Engage. These are the pillars of our strategy.

We know that for governments, industries and individuals waste never stops. Ever. It is relentless. And so are we. We are constantly searching for new ways to manage, treat and dispose of waste safely, sustainably and efficiently.

We will grow across emerging and developed by being a local partner and global expert.

We will transform entire cities and industries by finding ways to better manage waste.

We will engage with communities through education, CSR programmes and local employment.

Our operations

We operate across three sectors.

Municipal Projects

Cleaning. Collecting. Sorting. Recycling. Disposing. We create cities to be proud of.

See how we transform cities

Technical Waste Solutions

Waste presents unique challenges. We’re here to meet those challenges head on.

See how we overcome complex challenges

Commercial Collection Services

Every business is different. We provide innovative solutions to help your business thrive.

See how we create efficient spaces


We operate to the best practices wherever we work, inviting independent third parties to monitor us and send regular emission reports to governments.

We have ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification throughout the company. For every service. At every level. And in every country we operate.


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If you'd prefer to talk to someone right now call

+44 (0)207 5817100

Averda United Kingdom office

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