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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) needed an infrastructure to handle its waste around campus, including in its residential districts, shops, schools and recreational areas.

Our approach was twofold. Educate people about recycling. Then give them the equipment to do it.

We created a long-term awareness campaign, built on consistent, clear messaging. This not only explained how to separate and recycle waste, but inspired people to take action. We used eye-catching posters. Brochures, distributed around campus. Messages on our fleet livery. Mouse pads. Mugs. Films made by environmental organisations playing on public screens around campus.

Children and parents

All tailored to a sophisticated university audience, and designed to both educate and engage. Motivating people to rethink how they deal with waste.

We also had to give people the tools to actually recycle. We had to make recycling as easy as throwing something in the bin. That meant putting recycling containers everywhere.

So we set up collection points for household waste. Installed disposal chutes into almost all new buildings, to increase the amount of waste recycled and make collection easier.

We gave three bins to each of the 2,000 villas in the KAUST compound – for recyclables, general waste, and organic waste.

And we sent out the vehicles. State-of-the-art electric vehicles, collecting waste and sorting it on site. With our high-tech software precisely calculating their routes, keeping track of their loads and generating data reports to make the service even more efficient.

Then, we send all waste to the right place – for recycling or final disposal.

We’ve been working with KAUST since 2000. Since then, both awareness of recycling and recycling itself have gone up dramatically.


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