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Managing hazardous waste
in South Africa

South Africa

Total landfill area

212 hectares

Landfill life span

35 years


In 2015, we acquired Wasteman – a leading South African waste management group – to create impact in South Africa.

Wasteman has been in the region for more than 35 years. In almost every major city.

Our team of 2,300 collects 2,900 tons of waste a day, for 4,900 clients. We’re the second largest waste management company in the country.

Hazardous waste? We manage that too. In Vereeniging, just south of Johannesburg, we’ve designed, built, and now operate a landfill for highly hazardous waste. Named Vlakfontein, in honour of the region.


Vlakfontein covers 212 hectares in total. It can hold 6.5 million cubic metres. And it’ll run for 35 years.

In 2015, our subsidiary Wasteman became a sponsor of the Eco-Logic Recycling and Waste Management Awards. These recognise people, organisations and communities helping to create a sustainable world.

That’s a purpose that drives us. And through our partnerships and sponsorships, we’re proud to express that commitment. To a green future.


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