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    Vlakfontein Background

    Managing hazardous waste in South Africa

    Case studies

    Averda is one of the leading companies dealing with hazardous waste in South Africa, and our flagship Vlakfontein landfill site brings the highest international standards of environmental safety management to South Africa and is built to last 35 years.

    Licensed as a Class A facility, the site covers a total of 212 hectares and can contain 6.5 million cubic metres of waste. It provides a convenient and reliable waste solution for industrial and mining clients across the Guateng region and beyond.

    Using Hazardous Waste to Fuel Construction

    But wherever possible, we seek alternatives to landfill and instead to recover value from waste. This is why we invested in developing an alternative solution for hazardous liquid waste streams and have built a state-of-the art blending platform on the Vlakfontein site. This innovative facility transforms liquid wastes and sludges into a ready source of fuel for the cement industry, replacing their reliance on dirty coal.

    Blending Platform

    In doing so, we are able to support our industrial and mining clients with their ambitions to reduce waste to landfill and their corporate sustainability targets, and also provide South African construction with a more environmentally friendly solution for their energy needs, helping power a more sustainable and circular economy.

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