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    Driving up recycling in UAE

    Case studies

    The UAE government was determined to drive up recycling among residents, and we were called to help.

    Making recycling simple

    Working with partners, we developed a pilot recycling station in one area where residents would be able to drop off many different types of recyclable items. The centre doesn’t only accept familiar recyclables such as glass and cans but also old mobile phones, clothes and batteries among others, in total twelve different materials.

    This recycling centre is fully accessible by all modes of transport including wheelchairs and is open 24/7.

    We developed and installed smart recycling bins, which send us a signal when they were full, reducing the emissions associated with unnecessary transportation. These bins are powered by renewable energy generated from solar panels on the roof of the recycling centre.

    Critically, we also ensured that the location and services of the recycling centre are widely known using social media, radio stations and even television stations to promote the launch and ensuring they are easily geolocated through all major platforms and search engines in the country.

    recycling centre in UAE


    The success of the original recycling centre has led to a roll-out of this model across other major cities in UAE – there are now 15 in total - and has been responsible for helping drive up segregated recycling rates among residents.

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