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We’ve been managing waste in Nador, Berkane, Rabat, and Casablanca since 2012.

Transforming mindsets

For us, managing waste means more than cleaning. It means transforming how people think about waste itself.

Together, we’re a stronger force against waste than we are alone. So working with professional teams of educators, we go into schools to teach children about the importance of recycling.

Averda employees collecting garbage

We partner with communities, NGOs, and civic associations to change how people think about, and deal with, waste.

And we carry out city-wide awareness campaigns to make sure everyone knows how to dispose of different types of waste. And knows when our collection times are.

Where we work. What we do

Right now, we’re in four Moroccan cities.

We started in Nador in 2012, where we still collect, sweep, and transform the streets today.

In 2013, we began working in Berkane. There, we sweep and collect waste for 270,000 people, every day. This beautiful city is now as bright as the Mediterranean Sea it borders.

We’re in Rabat, too, where we sweep, wash streets, and collect green, bulky and inert waste. As the capital, Rabat hosts many high level delegations a year. We’re proud to keep it a stunning port of call.

In 2014, we started working in Casablanca. It’s a city of more than 2 million people. That means a lot of waste. We offer both manual and mechanical cleaning. We deploy sweepers of all sizes. We clean the beach. We also collect waste – municipal solid waste, green waste, and bulky waste. The streets have never been cleaner.

The numbers

We serve more than 3,000,000 people in Morocco today. With more than 20,000 bins. Hundreds of our people and vehicles. Sweepers, waste compactors. Trucks, loaders, tankers. Bin washers. All running on a high-tech scheduled system, making every movement as efficient as can be.

We’ve provided more than 20,000 metal, plastic, and street trash bins.

And we’ve collected more than 2.6 million tons of waste from the streets.

And counting.


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