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City services

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A clean city is the start of a transformation.

A clean city makes citizens proud of the place they live in. So they start improving their buildings and their streets. This spirit builds and builds across the whole city, and leads to improved public health. To a better quality of life. It leads to sustainability. To more investment in your city. And to prosperity for all.

Every city is different. So our service is never the same. Our expert consultants can build a plan for your city that’s tailored entirely to it facilities and needs.

And to its potential future.

Services for cities


We clean streets, buildings, public places, tunnels and beaches. With a high-tech fleet and dozens of feet on the ground. We sweep, we scrub, we wash. We clean everything.


Bulky, hazardous, liquid or recyclable waste. We collect all kinds of municipal waste, in specialist vehicles running to an efficient, optimised route.


We design, build and operate high-tech solid waste sorting units. And direct waste to the right channel.


We don't just recycle. We also run education and awareness programs and operate and innovate facilities to help you profit and become more sustainable.


Through composting, we help reduce landfilling, recover and sell compost and become more sustainable.

Thermal treatment

With our expert consultants, processes, and technology we help you cut down on waste dramatically and create energy.


Residual waste need not be wasted. Through sorting, screening, crushing, shredding and blending, we transform it into fuel.


We engineer, build, operate and monitor landfills, making sure they meet the most stringent efficiency and environmental standards.

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If you'd prefer to talk to someone right now call

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Averda United Kingdom office


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