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Clean. Collect. Recycle.

Your city. Cleaner. Brighter.
More efficient.

Municipal Waste Projects

City Cleaning

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A clean city is the start of a transformation.

We clean your streets, making people in your city proud of the place they live. Clean streets lead to improved public health. Improved quality of life. To a more sustainable city. That, in turn, leads to more investment in your city. To growth. And to prosperity.

Our city cleaning service is like no other. An advanced, efficient fleet. Feet on the ground, constantly surveying the streets. And creative solutions to make your city shine.


We provide round-the-clock cleaning – sweeping, litter collection and washing – for:

  • Streets
  • Drainage
  • Beaches
  • Green and public spaces
  • Lights and signs
  • Local markets
  • Underpasses, overpasses, bus stops
  • Monuments
  • Special events
  • Tunnels
  • Gutters

A bespoke service

Ask us to clean your city, and we'll clean your city. We'll conduct a detailed survey of your city's geography, landscape, infrastructure, culture and needs. Then offer sustainable waste management solutions, tailored to you.

Smart city

With our high-tech service, your city can become a smart city – using digital technologies to reduce costs, reduce resource consumption, and increase environmental credentials.

Best practice

In developing regions, we introduce the latest technologies in line with environmental best practices, improving quality of life for local people. And when we say latest, we mean it – our tools and equipment set the standard in the industry.

Going further

We install economic, reliable, technological and sustainable solutions to help cities recycle valuable or scarce materials. Or to recover energy. Closing the value chain loop.

Whatever the challenge, we're here.


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If you'd prefer to talk to someone right now call

+44 (0)207 5817100

Averda United Kingdom office

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