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Municipal Waste Projects

Healthcare Waste Management and Disposal


Healthcare waste presents many challenges. It involves ever-changing regulatory demands and rigorous legislative requirements. Our end-to-end service takes care of everything. Giving you peace of mind.

Every day healthcare facilities create volumes of waste that must be disposed of safely and effectively. We’re here to make every step of the process simple and seamless. Collection. Transportation. Treatment. Disposal. Compliance. Documentation. Our comprehensive service leaves absolutely no gaps.

Our end-to-end process

Generation and accumulation

Segregation takes place at your facility. We supply clearly marked containers to ensure proper and efficient collection of infectious, pathological, sharps and pharmaceutical waste.


We liaise directly with you, establishing delivery times and specifying collection locations. We schedule regular meetings with healthcare staff and have a history of excellent on-site waste management.


Compliance software and our Legal Register ensure first-class documentation and compliance with legislation.

Handling and transportation

Specifically modified vehicles are tracked and monitored at all times to ensure that we always know where your bins are, every step of the way.

Treatment and disposal

We dispose of waste in allocated facilities that are designed to operate at the highest international standards. These include our landfill sites, specialist facilities for hazardous waste and incinerators for pathological and other healthcare waste. And all waste is treated in line with current regulations and local legislation.

A partnership tailored to your needs

Our approach is consultative and collaborative. We integrate seamlessly into your operation, taking the time to really understand your specific needs.

An agile expert

We have 35 years of local and global experience. We understand different markets, and we are always up to date and quick to respond to changes in the regulatory environment.

An open and transparent operator

From collection to transportation and compliance certification to business practises, we understand that an open and honest working environment is better for everyone.

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If you'd prefer to talk to someone right now call

+44 (0)207 5817100

Averda United Kingdom office


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