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Medical waste

Medical waste

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Most hospitals segregate their waste as a matter of policy – for safety reasons we encourage all our medical and healthcare customers to do so because it is crucial for things like biohazardous materials or out-of-date medicines. Very often we’re collecting sharp waste or potentially infectious substances, which is when we deploy internationally recognised medical waste containers that meet specific size and colour codes: the same type used by the UN in conflict zones or humanitarian disasters.

When we collect infectious waste, it is always done using refrigerated vehicles that are fully traceable from reception signature to certification of disposal, which takes place at a locally certified facility where it is autoclaved or incinerated. Our medical waste cleaning and collections services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a schedule of your choosing, in addition to a clear plan for delivery backed-up by custom KPIs. And each month, we’ll send you straightforward web-based reports to show you how we’re performing – and how we’re improving your performance.

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