Storm Response Clean-Up

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On the 10th of October, Durban was hit by a deadly storm that destroyed buildings, killed over ten people and injured dozens. Roads and highways were completely flooded with water reaching up to 108mm. Many have been left homeless after this catastrophic storm.A day after the storm, there was an invitation sent out to the community to assist with the damage. As part our commitment to the community, we offered help the best way we know how; collecting the waste that had been built up around the Harbor.The clean-up took place on the 14th October 2017 and started at 8:30am. We managed to swiftly assemble a team of 30 Averda staff members as well as some of their family members. A total of 116 bags of waste were collected.Averda's vision is that a cleaner world leads to better lives; so we were so pleased to lend a hand to a community we serve on a daily basis. All our thoughts are with those that were affected by the storm - we will continue to support you with the long term damage caused by the storm.A special thank you to all the Averda staff members who took part!