Special industrial cleaning

Our technology

Our expert teams will work with you to deliver the industrial cleaning services you require, whilst at all times prioritising the integrity and wellbeing of your people, environment, assets and reputation.

Why choose Averda for special industrial cleaning

  • Safety first

    We work closely with our clients to agree method statements, risk assessments and emergency plans before starting work.

  • Technology

    We use innovative and reliable technology, deploying automation and remote-entry techniques to improve industrial cleaning efficiency and avoid man-entry wherever possible.

  • Expert staff

    Our technical services teams are made up of competent, highly trained, and experienced people, each of whom are 100% committed to providing a safe and high-quality industrial cleaning service to our clients.

  • Specialists in cleaning

    Our specialist team can tackle any vessel that needs cleaning. Whether for tank maintenance, inspection or to address operational issues, we thoroughly remove impurities, sludges and solids, leaving your equipment spotless.

How does it work?

Understanding your industrial cleaning needs

We talk to you and develop targeted special industrial cleaning processes to effectively address all site and equipment cleaning requirements you have.

Expert execution

Our professional on-site cleaning teams arrive at your site and address your industrial cleaning needs whether one-off, or on a regular schedule.

Keeping a high standard

Experienced supervisors are on hand to ensure that consistently high standards are maintained throughout the cleaning process.

How we support you

Our experienced engineers develop bespoke solutions to accommodate your company’s needs all while enhancing safety, quality, and efficiency.

Safety and compliance are a priority in all of the industries we serve, and our clients can rely on our professionalism and expertise to maintain and improve their brand’s reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certain industries need to comply to regulations around the cleanliness of the areas they operate within. Averda South Africa is well-versed in offering specialised cleaning services designed to suit a range of different industries, we are also more than willing to take on the not-so-common, specialised services that you may require. Our rigorous processes mean that no matter the complexity of the job, we deliver guaranteed satisfaction each time.

The costs associated with this service is wide and depends on exactly what sort of cleaning is required. Get in touch with one of our sales professionals today for further information.

Although our focus is the major metros around the country, Averda South Africa can look at remote areas as well.