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We support your recycling efforts through the proper training of sorting-at-source recycling, or by providing expertly trained labour to execute the sorting for you.

We deliver visibility campaigns on your premises to provide education on the different waste streams, and why recycling is so important, which can drive a positive culture change that has a big environmental impact.

We help you save money by sharing the rebates that we receive from the end user.

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Why choose Averda for recycling

  • Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

    Averda is one of the few recycling companies in South Africa to have its own MRFs, where our trained staff pick general waste from recyclable material to divert waste from landfill.

  • Recycling rebates

    We share the profit we make from sales of reusable materials with our customers, allowing you to save money on the disposal of your waste. We’re able to do this through unique partnerships with key converters and end-users of recyclables.

  • Sorting at source

    We can help you with the necessary training and equipment/tools needed to ensure correct sorting of your recycling from your general waste, at home, or in the workplace.

  • Transport logistics

    We have a large fleet of our own specialised waste collection vehicles. At times we work with our recycling partners to take advantage of their logistics networks too. This allows us to ensure your recycling is collected at a time convenient to you.

How does it work?

Understanding your recycling requirements

We talk to you to understand your recycling requirements and determine a solution that meets your specific recycling needs.

We provide you with bins

Depending on the recycling solution and whether you’re private or commercial, we will provide you with the relevant bins, signage, and bags, placed in predetermined places for ease of sorting-at-source recycling.

Assistance in training

Our expert staff assists you with the proper training of the separation of your recyclable materials into the correct waste bins for recycling collection.

Collecting your recycling

We collect low-volume recycling waste and transport it to one of our end-user partners for recycling. In cases of large volume recycling waste, in order to optimise the value-chain, the end-user will collect the recyclable waste directly.

Rebate Rands saving you money

Once the end-user is in possession of the recyclable materials, they pay us a rebate for the recycling waste which we share with you.

Recycling report

We provide you with a monthly report detailing the quantities and types of recyclable materials collected to help with their environmental reporting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recycling has many benefits. By recycling, you can do your bit to help save the planet. Products made from recycled materials have many environmental benefits:

  • Uses less raw materials
  • Uses less water
  • Uses less energy

If you are a business owner, recycling can save your business money! Implementing recycling measures to reduce the amount of your waste being sent to landfill, significantly reduces your waste disposal costs, as recycling is far more cost-effective than general waste disposal. Your customers, employees and shareholders can also see the positive impact your business is having on the planet.

Each arrow represents one step in the three-step process that completes the recycling loop.

  • The collection of recycling
  • The manufacturing process of recycling
  • The purchase of products made with recycling

Unfortunately, not all waste generated can be turned into recycling due to there not being a market for these products. However, Averda is always looking at innovative new ways to recycle waste and play our part in sustaining the environment.