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For over 30 years, city administrators around the world have turned to Averda to help manage their municipal solid waste. Today, we provide tailored municipal waste management support to towns and cities of all types, from hyper-modern cities like Abu Dhabi to ancient and rapidly-growing urban centres, including Amritsar and Brazzaville.

Whether you’re looking for a contractor to manage street cleaning or a partner to construct and manage an engineered landfill capable of safely containing your population’s waste for the next few decades, Averda can help.

Municipal waste solutions

We are experts in understanding the needs of administrators, residents and businesses, providing clean urban environments that improve the lives of locals and attract tourists.

We can provide an end-to-end service for municipal clients, cleaning, collecting, separating, recycling and disposing of all types of waste. Our expert people are supported by modern technology and data insights, which allow us to concentrate efforts on those areas that need it most.

Our municipal cleaning and collection services are available 24/7, seven days a week on a schedule of your choosing, in addition to a clear plan for delivery backed up by custom KPIs. Each month, we’ll send you straightforward web-based reports to show you how we’re performing – and how we’re improving your performance.

We have decades of experience in designing, constructing and managing engineered landfill sites to the highest levels of environmental and human safety, but we also work with our municipal partners to drive up recycling rates through education, good design and incentives.

We’re a partner you can rely on and an expert you can trust.

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