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Unique challenges.
Unique solutions.

Technical Waste Solutions

Chemical and Hazardous Waste Management


Hazardous waste is a complex issue. We handle it sensitively. We handle it safely. With efficiency, and with the latest technologies.

From the harmful by-products of the oil and gas industry to mining and industrial waste, we offer a complete, comprehensive service. We identify, collect, transfer, store and treat hazardous waste. Across all markets. And in line with local legislation.


Upstream. Downstream. Offshore. Onshore. Our physical, chemical and microbiological technologies cater to any and all types of hazardous waste. This includes mine tailings, various oil and fuel sludge streams and fuel or oil-contaminated absorbent material from spillages.

You’ll get an additional strategic advantage through our:

  • Consultation on waste minimisation and recycling strategies
  • Technical advice
  • Full client personnel training


All hazardous waste is screened before it is accepted at our state-of-the-art Class 1 facilities. Pre-landfilling treatment methodologies include:

  • pH controlled immobilisation of toxic, amphoteric, heavy metals
  • Immobilisation of volatile heavy metals such as mercury
  • Immobilisation of certain organics via adsorption
  • Neutralisation of corrosive material
  • Stabilisation of liquid streams
  • Ash-blending of flammable streams to reduce component volatilisation
  • Reduction of oxidising materials

Expert equipment

We have full chemical and plant equipment. Advanced incinerators and autoclaves. And high-tech systems for tackling hazardous waste.

Expert team

Our certified, specialist staff work to the highest standards of the world’s largest and most respected clients.

And they work to the highest standards of all: their own, and Averda’s standards.

We bring many years of expertise to meet any hazardous waste challenge. We bring this knowledge to your site, and help you find more efficient and effective ways to manage, and even benefit from, your hazardous waste.

Going further

Averda supports the training of students in environmental studies, medicine and health. We also run environmental awareness programmes. Please get in touch to partner with us.


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If you'd prefer to talk to someone right now call

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Averda United Kingdom office

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