WTE plant

Energy from waste facilities

Energy and disposal

Energy from waste plants can help solve the dilemma of what to do with the hundreds of tonnes of waste generated daily by the residents of cities around the world.

Even when most organic and recyclable materials are removed from a municipal waste, there still remains a vast volume with trapped calorific value which needs to be disposed of. In the past this was placed in landfills or municipal dumpsites, but increasingly authorities around the world are turning to waste-to-energy technologies to unlock energy potential from this waste and avoiding landfill. Waste is thermally treated to produce heat which drives turbines to create electricity for the local power grid.

Averda is investing in waste-to-energy facilities in some of the markets where we work. In each project we liaise closely with local communities and deploy the latest monitoring and control technologies to ensure that pollutants emissions are minimised.

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