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News | 26/06/2019

Developing Economies Shouldn’t Have to Deal with First World Dumping

The effects of climate change, which is largely caused by decades of unrestricted industrialisation in the developed world, disproportionately impacts the developing world. Outcomes such as desertification, droughts and floods are taking their toll, causing malnutrition as crop quality and quantities decrease, exacerbating the displacement of people and creating the conditions for the spread of infectious and respiratory diseases.

News | 25/06/2019

Averda signs four seven year contracts in Casablanca Morocco

Averda, the leading international environmental services provider, has been awarded four seven-year contracts in Casablanca, Morocco, commencing in June 2019 following its commitment to investing in new technologies, people, services and equipment.

News | 08/08/2018

Averda & Uber Collect 946 Kilos of Electronic Waste in the UAE

For the third consecutive year, Averda and Uber partnered to collect electronic waste in Dubai for #eCycleDubai. This year Averda collected 946 kilos resulting from 161 items. The campaign celebrated World Environment Day and was in line with UAE’s Vision 2021, which seeks to create a cleaner and more sustainable Dubai by transferring 75% of the waste produced in the UAE from landfill for recycling.

News | 07/09/2017

Double Diamond Arrow Awards for Averda

On Monday 4 September, Averda was proud to receive two Diamond Arrow awards at the PMR Africa function. Averda was voted best in class for both Hazardous Waste Management and Industrial Cleaning categories.

News | 06/06/2017

Averda teams up with Uber and Dubai's tech community for World Environment Day e-waste initiative

Averda have partnered with Uber, Dubai Science Park (DSP) and Dubai Internet City (DIC) to launch an innovative electronic waste collection drive to mark World Environment Day. The initiative was inspired by the UAE Vision 2021, which seeks to create a cleaner and more sustainable Dubai by transferring 75 per cent of the waste produced in the UAE from landfill for recycling.

News | 31/05/2017

Averda and Tadweer host “Let’s Sort Together for a Better Environment” event

Averda launched a three-day event to raise awareness of recycling and the importance of protecting the environment in Al Ain last week. The event, entitled "Let’s Sort Together for a Better Environment", was held in partnership with Tadweer (The Abu Dhabi Center of Waste Management), as well as the Al Ain Centre for Care and Rehabilitation, and Etihad Modern Art Gallery.

News | 10/05/2017

Averda Congo celebrates World Day for Safety and Health at Work

On 28th April 2017, Averda Congo celebrated the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, recognising the importance of reducing risk in the workplace. Globally, 6,300 people die every day as a result of occupational accidents or work-related disease. Averda is committed to instilling a culture which increases the safety of all employees.

News | 09/03/2017

Honouring the Women of Congo

With a female population in excess of 500,000, Brazzaville is one of the very few capital cities of the African continent where women get honoured with a special parade on the 8th of March of every year – this year's title was ‘Marche Pour La Paritè’. This year was no different and the streets of Brazzaville were beaming with decorations, flowers and special messages for this unique occasion represented by International Women’s Day.

News | 08/02/2017

Averda Achieves the Highly Coveted 'SUPERBRAND' Status

Following a strict selection process by the UAE Superbrands Council, Averda has been awarded “Superbrand” status for the UAE.

News | 07/02/2017

Global waste group Averda acquires Solid Waste Technologies

Bolsters its position to one of the largest in SA healthcare medical waste market. Global waste-management group, Averda, further invests in the South African market with the acquisition of Solid Waste Technologies (SWT), a healthcare medical waste company with over 20 years’ experience. The acquisition of SWT alongside SharpMed, acquired in 2016, makes Averda one of the largest and most comprehensive end-to-end healthcare waste management business in South Africa.

News | 01/12/2016

Averda Expands its Service Portfolio in the Sultanate of Oman

Until recently, Averda was known to the Omani waste management market as the operator of the Al Multaqa and Liwa Medical Waste Treatment Plants, collecting and treating in excess of 4000 tons of hazardous medical waste per year.

News | 31/10/2016

Applying the principles of Circular Economy in Qatar

The circular economy should not be viewed as nothing more than a recycling or environmental protection programme. To apply its principles and ensure the sustainability of its values at the level of private companies, the circular economy requires a robust top-down management and change across the organisation, including a re-evaluation of its product design, business models and supply chain.

News | 01/09/2016

Averda wins a new 5-year contract in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Averda has signed a 5-year contract with Tadweer - Abu Dhabi’s Centre of Waste Management for the provision of integrated waste management services to the City of Al Ain, North Zone. With the official start-up set for mid-September 2016, Averda is honoured to have been awarded this 5-year contract which will see the company provide its renowned international waste management services to the second biggest city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

News | 26/08/2016

Averda and Moroccos Beaches

With a coastline that stretches from the Mediterranean to the Western Sahara, Morocco enjoys numerous beautiful family-friendly beaches and the one of its capital city, Rabat, makes no exception. The Mediterranean coast of Morocco has everything one would expect – white sands, crystal clear waters, a lovely warm weather - and Averda was proud to support the city of Rabat’s 2016 Beach Awareness Campaign.

News | 18/08/2016

Averda's new contract win aims to increase recycling in Dubai

Beginning October 2016, the residents, schools, universities and public hospitals of Al Mizhar, Al Muhaisnah and Nadd Al Hamar districts in Dubai will see Averda’s ‘men in blue’ at work as part of a new waste management contract award by Dubai Municipality. They will be cleaning their streets, collecting their waste, recycling their unwanted electronic items and emptying their bins for the next five years.

News | 11/08/2016

Averda is set to build Republic Of Congo's first municipal solid waste landfill

In July 2016, members of the Parliamentary Committee of the Congolese Government and the Economic and Financial Commission of Congo National Assembly, representatives of Brazzaville Municipality and the Mayors of Pointe Noire and Brazzaville, visited Lifoula landfill site – this will become Republic of Congo’s first public and fully environmentally compliant municipal solid waste landfill.

News | 01/08/2016

Dubai Inaugurates Its Second Smart Recycling Center

On July 31st 2016, Averda and the Municipality of Dubai have commissioned the second Smart Recycling Centre in Dubai, as part of the first initiative of its kind across the GCC. The Centre is located in Karama Park and high ranking officials of Dubai Municipality and Averda have attended its inauguration.

News | 14/07/2016

Recycling - A Priority For Mediterranean Countries

In an attempt to encourage the young minds of the future to be environmentally responsible and venture into a new and growing industry represented by environmental services and sustainability, the European Union (EU) funded multilateral cross-border cooperation Program ‘Mediterranean Sea Basin’ launched, in 2013, the Green MED Initiative (GMI) for 6 countries of the Mediterranean area.

News | 07/07/2016

Massive Vlakfontein investment to meet hazardous waste challenge

Johannesburg – A R250-m hazardous waste management plant – built to comply with stringent new environmental guidelines, and the first new hazardous waste landfill site in South Africa in 20 years - has been opened in Vlakfontein, in the Vaal Triangle, by global waste-management company, Averda.

News | 23/06/2016

Rugby - a story from South Africa

Rugby is one of South Africa's big three sports, alongside footbal and cricket. For many South African fans of the game, rugby is a serious matter, a source of bursting pride and joy – or, at times, bitter disappointment.

News | 15/06/2016

Averda - Building Bridges Between GCC and Africa

Averda, the Dubai based global provider of integrated waste management solutions, has recently finalised its latest acquisition in the South African medical waste industry, thus currently holding over 25% of the market share in this highly specialised and knowledge driven sector. Having already two state-of-the-art medical waste treatment and disposal facilities in Oman, Averda’s innovative and approach to all aspects related to waste management place this Dubai based organisation at the forefront of emerging markets business models.

News | 13/06/2016

In Brazzaville the Rain no Longer Matters

World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Since it began in 1974, it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries and the Republic of Congo’s Minister of Forests, Economy, Sustainable Development and Environment, Mrs Rosalie Matondo, marked this special day with a visit to the five Brazzaville Districts’ markets: Ouenze, Talangai, Ngambio, Bourreau and Poto-poto.

News | 01/06/2016

Creativity and its Role in Emerging Markets

The inconsistencies in the emerging market strategies of many multinational firms should be addressed and analysed openly, including on the level of academia. The potential of billions of new consumers that attract multinationals to emerging markets require bespoke marketing campaigns to ensure they directly translate into a high market penetration, promising market shares and a significant business profitability.

News | 24/05/2016

Dubai Inaugurates the first Smart Recycling Centre in GCC

Today, 24th of May 2016, Averda and the Municipality of Dubai have commissioned the first Smart Recycling Centre in Dubai, the first project of its kind across the GCC. The Centre is located in Al Manara Center parking, Al Safa 2 and high ranking officials of Dubai Municipality and Averda have attended its inauguration.

News | 11/05/2016

Averda Showcases its Health and Safety Practices at the French Institute of Congo

Today many workers are facing greater pressure to meet the demands of modern working life. Psychosocial risks such as increased competition, higher expectations on performance and longer working hours are contributing to the workplace becoming an ever more stressful environment.

News | 06/05/2016

Averda and Uber Dubai join forces to tackle electronic waste

Averda and Uber marked 2016 ‘Earth Day’ by joining their forces to tackle the ever rising problem of e-waste. Over a period of four hours, five UberRECYLE cars were allocated for the mission of collecting Dubai’s residents and businesses unwanted electronic items such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones, DVD players, chargers, tablets, hairdryers etc. Once collected, the electronic waste was taken to Uber Dubai offices for weighing and delivery to Averda Dubai’s premises for safe disposal.

News | 04/05/2016

Averda partners with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology for Earth Day

Founded in 2009, ‘King Abdullah’ University of Science and Technology’s (KAUST) aspirations to become a destination for scientific and technological education and research are underpinned by inspiring discoveries to address global challenges, while striving to serve as a beacon of knowledge that bridges people and cultures for the betterment of humanity.

News | 28/04/2016

Averda starts operation of its second medical waste treatment facility in The Sultanate of Oman

Averda entered the Omani waste management market in 2005 when it constructed, installed, commissioned and operated the Medical Waste Treatment Plant (MWTP) in Muscat Governorate (Al Multaqa) on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

News | 25/04/2016

Averda - The Jordanian journey

In November 2014, Averda signed a 3-year contract with ASEZA – Aqaba’s Special Economic Zone Authority – for general waste management services related to litter picking, sweeping, solid waste collection and janitorial services.

News | 19/04/2016

Averda showcases its KSA activities at GCC Waste Management and Recycling Forum

Taking place in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during 13-14 April 2016 and focussing on municipal solid waste management best practice and services, GCC Waste Management and Recycling Forum enjoyed the presence of thousands of visitors and hundreds of municipality representatives from across the entire GCC region.

News | 11/04/2016

Averda partners the Environment Society of Oman

Recognising climate change as one of the greatest challenges of modern times and being a key contributor to The New Plastics Economy Report released during Davos 2016 World Economic Forum, Averda understands the importance of energy efficient processes, products and consumption in reducing our environmental footprint.

News | 22/02/2016

Successful partnership launched for waste cooking oil recycling in Abu Dhabi

On 9 of February 2016, Averda United Arab Emirates has launched a Waste Cooking Oil Recycling Campaign together with its main partner, The Centre of Waste Management of Abu Dhabi (Tadweer), Masdar Institute of Science & Technology and Khidmah.

News | 22/02/2016

Averda supports the sailing industry in the Arabian Gulf

The Arabian Gulf is known as one of the international sailing industry, leisure and competitions pioneers and the main mission of "EFG Sailing Arabia - The Tour" is that of reviving the sailing industry in the region.

News | 22/02/2016

Averda officially launches its operations in the Republic of Congo

Averda has officially launched its operations in the Republic of Congo during a formal reception attended by high level representatives of the Congolese Government and Brazzaville Municipality.

News | 22/02/2016

Averda presents its commitment to the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

With the country's tourism revenue expected to reach USD 65 billion by 2020 and the hospitality sector forecasted to be worth USD 93 billion in the next five years, Averda emphasized its commitment to Saudi Arabia's tourism industry during its plenary intervention at Hospitality Business Conclave that took place on 25 January 2016, Park Hyatt, Jeddah.

News | 22/02/2016

Averda CEO calls for greater collaboration at World Economic Forum talks

On the opening day of World Economic Forum that took place in Davos during 20-23 January 2016, Mr Malek Sukkar, Averda's Chief Executive Officer attended "Defining the Road Ahead" panel aimed at analysing the circular economy principles, currently considered by the world business leaders to be an engine for growth and innovation in their respective regions.

News | 22/02/2016

Averda presents its commitment to the GCC during EcoWASTE 2016

Taking place in Abu Dhabi during 18-21 January 2016, EcoWASTE 2016 was the landmark event of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2016.

News | 29/01/2016

Changing the Central African Landscape – Averda in Gabon

In December 2014, Averda signed a contract with the Gabonese Government for the performance of waste management services for the city of Libreville, Gabon’s capital, for a period of 5 years, with an automatic renewal for a period of 2 years thereafter, until 2021.

News | 29/01/2016

Averda, Spinneys & Nestle Waters – collaboration is key for waste reduction initiatives

In July 2011, atria – an averda Group company – joined forces with the supermarket chain Spinneys and Nestle Waters to launch a project entitled "Protect Lebanon - Recycle Today" aimed at recycling plastic bottles and cans in Lebanon.

News | 01/12/2015

Averda in Top 50 of Most InDemand Employers on LinkedIn

Averda is proud and honoured to have reached position #33 on LinkedIn's InDemand list, featuring the most sought-after employers in Middle East and North Africa region.

News | 01/12/2015

Sustainability in Emerging Markets - Morocco

Many responsible private, public and third sector organisations are very familiar with the United Nations' Framework Convention on Climate Change and with it being the primary international and intergovernmental forum for negotiating the global response to climate change.

News | 01/12/2015

Dubai is leading the trend in terms of electronic waste recycling

Averda Dubai has signed a Partnership Memorandum with Dubai Municipality to provide an electronic waste collection service in the Emirate of Dubai.

News | 01/12/2015

Averda in Morocco - A Success Story

Averda, the international integrated waste management provider, has been serving the Moroccan market for 3 years.

News | 01/12/2015

Rabat chooses Averda after competitive international tender

Averda, the largest provider of integrated waste management solutions across the emerging world has announced today that it has been awarded a 7 years contract to provide Rabat with city cleaning services.

News | 01/12/2015

Dubai Municipality Appreciation Award

During the "Annual Customer Forum 2015" held on 4 November 2015 at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel - Dubai, organised by Dubai Municipality - Waste Management Department, Averda has been recognised for its outstanding contribution to the success of "My city, My environment" project, being awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.

News | 01/12/2015

Averda in KSA recruits employees with special needs

Averda's unwavering commitment to the communities it operates in and the people it serves has been proved once again: starting mid-November 2015, Averda KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) has employed 4 individuals with special needs, aiming to employ 6 more by the end of 2015.

News | 01/12/2015

Averda discusses technology and treasury challenges during 2015 ACT Middle East Annual Conference

On Monday 23 November 2015, Averda's Group Treasurer, Mrs. Maria Bavelaar addressed the ACT Middle East Annual Conference, held in Conrad Hotel, Dubai.

News | 01/12/2015

Pioneering approach on the reduction of household waste - Dubai Municipality

On the 24 of November 2014, averda's United Arab Emirates Managing Director Oussama Natour and the Director of the Waste Management Department in Dubai Municipality, Eng. Abdul Majeed Saifaie, had visited the award-wining households of the waste reduction contest launched among the Al Mizhar 2 residents.

News | 02/04/2015

Averda enters South Africa

London, 2nd April 2015: Averda, the largest provider of integrated waste management solutions across the emerging world, has announced today its acquisition of a majority stake in leading South African waste management group, Wasteman Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

News | 23/03/2015

Averda Launches e waste collection in Oman

Averda, the largest waste management company in the Middle East and North Africa, is launching the first electronic waste collection service during Earth Hour event held by the Environment Society of Oman at Al Mouj Golf course between 5 and 7pm on the 28th

News | 28/09/2014

Averda looks to clean more cities in Africa

Averda, the global provider of integrated waste management services, showcased its new equipment dedicated to serve Casablanca, during an event organised by "La Ville de Casablanca" on September 4th 2014.

News | 08/09/2014

New waste management equipment for Casablanca

Averda, the global provider of integrated waste management services, showcased its new equipment dedicated to serve Casablanca, during an event organised by "La Ville de Casablanca" on September 4th 2014.

News | 01/06/2014

Averda retrieves over 1.2 million recyclables through innovative awareness building tool

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 02 June 2014: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia generates more than 15 million tonnes of solid waste per year, a rate which projects that most of the country’s landfills may reach their capacities within the next decade.

News | 01/06/2014

Dubai Municipality & Averda expand environmental awareness campaign

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 02 June 2014: Averda, the largest waste management company in the MENA region, has launched a recycling awareness campaign as part of its efforts to support Dubai Municipality’s ‘My City, My Environment’ initiative in Al Barsha.

News | 14/05/2014

Averda supports Dubai Municipality’s efforts to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2030

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 15 May 2014: Averda, the largest waste management company in the MENA region, has been selected to continue its support of Dubai Municipality in its efforts to become a green city through the "My City, My Environment" initiative.

News | 07/04/2014

New industrial revolution to save global economy $1 trillion, says Averda

Doha, Qatar - 08 April 2014: Municipal leaders across the region must re-think waste streams, and begin circling materials back into the economy instead of sending them to the landfill or incinerating them.

News | 26/02/2014

Averda continues Africa expansion with recent Casablanca contract win

Casablanca, Morocco; 27 February 2014: Averda, a global provider of integrated waste management services, today announced that it has been awarded a long-term contract by the city of Casablanca.

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