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    We serve our industrial clients with both waste management and specialist cleaning solutions

    Averda's roots are in engineering, and we love a challenge. Our expertise and experience, allied with cutting-edge technology and innovation enables us to provide safe, effective cleaning solutions for even the most complex or hardest to reach equipment. From massive crude oil tanks to 2-inch pipe, even nuclear storage tanks, our world class team have seen and cleaned it all.

    We focus relentlessly on safety, and have many years of experience providing tailored, technical cleaning services for heavy industry and the international petrochemical sector. Our expert teams will work with you to deliver the industrial cleaning services you require, whilst at all times prioritising the integrity and wellbeing of people, environment, assets and your reputation.

    And it doesn’t stop there. We are able to provide a seamless end-to-end waste solution for our clients, not only cleaning but removing solid, liquid and sludge waste streams from your site for safe disposal. We are even able to transform some of them into a fuel suitable for the cement industry.

    We operate in full compliance with all legislation and quality assurance standards and provide certification of safe disposal of waste materials.

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