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    Where We Operate

    Since 2015, we’ve been working across the Municipalities of Brazzaville, Oyo and Pointe Noire in the Congo.

    Our activities include weeding and cleaning gardens to create and maintain enjoyable public spaces, whilst building and managing landfill sites. We also serve communities with daily refuse collections, ensuring that businesses have access to regular waste services and residential neighbourhoods are kept litter free.

    We’re also proud to be employing well over 1,100 local Congolese people, providing stable employment with global health and safety standards, wellbeing programmes and a load of other benefits that all combine to make Averda a great place to work.

    Congo Offices

    Brazzaville Corporate Office
    +242 22 281 81 82/3/4/5Brazzaville Corporate Office Map
    Garage de la municipalité,
    Quartier Mpila,
    Avenue du 05 Juin,
    parcelles 22, 23 et 24 de la section S
    Pointe Noire Operations
    Pointe Noire Operations Map
    Arro. 5 Mongo-Mpoukou,
    Quartier Makayabou,
    Pointe Noire,