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    We’re shifting and sorting 600 tonnes of waste every single day in Qatar, in addition to collecting recyclables, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint, providing janitorial services and hiring out skips.

    Our customers include hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing industries, bakeries, real estate developments, liquified natural gas producers, trading and distribution companies, malls and media companies.

    We’re also transporting, storing and treating waste from oil fields, gathering sewage from farms – and everything imaginable in between. The volume of waste that we collect and manage is vast – so much so that we have a fleet of 167 trucks and 200 people working twice daily shifts day and night to make sure that 2.7 million residents can go about their daily business in beautifully clean and comfortable surroundings.

    Qatar Offices

    Doha Main Office
    +974 4 4085000Doha Main Office Map
    Street 553, Building no. 15,
    Zone 57, Industrial Area,