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    CEO Message


    Our planet is in peril. Our oceans are choking with plastic and there is no longer any doubt that man-made greenhouse gases are changing our climate and threatening our future.

    All of us have a role to play in addressing this ecological crisis, and Averda must be part of the solution.

    In many ways, we already are. Our collection and cleaning work prevents waste getting into waterways and ending up in the oceans. Our Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) sort recyclable items and enable them to have a second life. And our work with hazardous waste renders it safe and avoids toxins poisoning our soil and water. We are – and should be – proud of this work. We are already making a cleaner world and better lives for millions of inhabitants of cities across Africa, the Middle East and in India.

    But we can, and must, do more. Our vision is for Averda to offer holistic circular recovery options in all the markets where we operate. This means developing the full suite of collection, recycling and treatment services for all major waste streams, including organic, household, construction, medical and hazardous waste. We seek to reuse materials where possible; where we can’t reuse we will recycle, and where we can’t recycle we will recover the energy of materials. This means introducing composting and recycling services to some cities for the first time and, in doing so, helping develop sustainable cities across the emerging world.

    However, our contribution towards a viable ecological future is not only in the services we offer as a company, but also the environmental footprint we create as we work.

    At Averda we are committed to making the necessary changes. We are making meaningful reductions in the amount of pollution our transport emits, and are increasing online collaboration to cut executive travel. We have banned unnecessary single‑use plastics from our workspaces and improved the recycling of waste from our own facilities. But this is not a single step, it’s a journey we are all on together.

    Fixing this world isn’t going to be easy, but our customers and employees want us to try. And our children and grandchildren need us to succeed.”

    Mazen Chebaklo, Chief Executive Officer