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    It is not enough merely to be a well-run and profitable business. At Averda we are determined to have a definite positive impact on the planet and on communities – it’s at the heart of our company’s vision of a creating a cleaner world; better lives.

    At Averda, we take our environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities very seriously. The section below outlines our approach to these topics, but we also submit ourselves to a rigorous annual audit by an independent ratings agency, Sustainanalytics, to ensure we’re making progress on our ESG objectives.

    We’re happy to report that our 2020 audit saw Averda secure the number one ranking among its peers in the facilities management subindustry with an overall ESG risk rating of Low. This demonstrated a year-on-year improvement in this critical area. If you have further questions about Averda’s ESG performance or reporting please contact us on abc@averda.com