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    From one city to the world in 50 years

    About us

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    Nuts and bolts

    Established in 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon, a young engineer called Maysarah Sukkar who loved technology and problem-solving created a company called Sukkar Engineering.

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    The 1970’s

    Sukkar Engineering gains experience in incineration and waste treatment through partnerships with European companies working in Saudi Arabia

    Averda is created

    The various Sukkar companies dealing with waste come together to create Averda, providing an integrated waste management service within Lebanon, and providing consultancy services elsewhere.


    Gulf Expansion

    In 2008, we moved into the United Arab Emirates and in 2009 we start operations in Saudi Arabia. Over the next few years our success leads to new contracts in Qatar and Oman.


    Hello Africa

    In 2012 Averda moves into Africa for the first time, winning contracts to clean city after city in Morocco. We also acquired a stake in The City Bin, Ireland.


    Going Global

    In 2015 we began a 15-year contract for the government of Republic of Congo. We also started operating in South Africa having acquired Wasteman, a leading waste management group with over 35 years' experience.

    Exiting Lebanon

    In 2016 we ceased operations in Lebanon.

    Averda Amritsar

    Cleaning up in India

    In 2020, Averda starts operations in the city of Amritsar, in northern India where we work with the municipal authorities to transform waste management services and infrastructure, tackling decades of legacy waste and building a more sustainable future.