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We're Averda 

We manage waste in cities, industries, offices and homes across three continents.

About us


Our history

From Lebanon to the world in 50 years.

Beirut in the 1960s


We begin as engineers

Our story began in Beirut, Lebanon. 1964. That’s when Maysarah Khalil Sukkar founded his first company: Sukkar Engineering. Sukkar quickly became the country’s leading designer and supplier of industrial systems.

It was a high-tech beginning. And this focus on technology has been at the heart of everything we do, ever since. It’s why our waste management service and products are ahead of their time. More efficient, more environmentally-friendly.

We began as engineers. And we still are.

Engineer inspecting


We move into waste management

In 1970, Sukkar moved to Saudi Arabia with a vision: change the country’s perspective on waste.

There, we began researching and developing new waste management solutions with a focus on making technology work for people.

We invested more than 20 years in our research. It took us down many avenues. And we used it to create a brand new waste management company.

Averda employee on a cycle bin


We start growing…

In 2008, we moved into the United Arab Emirates. In 2009, into Saudi Arabia. There we set up a recycling infrastructure for KAUST – inspiring people to recycle, then giving them the tools to do it.

Our success led to new contracts in Qatar and Oman. In 2010, we expanded into Abu Dhabi. In Abu Dhabi we move 14,000 containers of waste away from homes, offices and streets – every day.

A The city bin co depot


…and growing (hello, Europe)…

In 2012, we went into Morocco – first Nador, then Berkane, then Rabat, and then, Casablanca. In Morocco we clean, collect, sweep, and transform the streets. So far, we’ve collected 2.6 million tons of waste. We’ve kept the cities stunning.

In 2012 we grew beyond the Middle East for the first time – to Ireland. To collect waste. To recycle. In 2014 we expanded to Angola.

Waste doesn’t stay still and neither do we.

Wasteman employees


…and growing (hello, world)

In 2015, we moved to the Republic of Congo, to Gabon, and to South Africa.

In South Africa, we acquired Wasteman – a leading waste management group with more than 35 years’ experience. And we designed, built, and now operate a landfill that can hold 6.5 million cubic metres of hazardous waste. To superlative standards of safety.

We’re proud to watch Averda grow worldwide. But not surprised. Our dedication is driving us.

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Averda employees

Our spirit

What’s fuelling our expansion? Our spirit. The spirit of getting the job done. Being at the forefront of environmental progress and change.

That’s why today, we’re the leading waste management group in the Middle East and Africa. Working in partnership with millions of consumers, businesses and governments.

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The future

We’re going to keep cleaning. Collecting. Transforming buildings, streets, cities, and lives.

We’ll never stop

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