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Hazardous waste landfill management

Our technology

Averda South Africa owns the Class A hazardous waste landfill site, Vlakfontein, which is expertly designed, constructed, and managed to the highest degree of compliance. We are certified to dispose of various categories of hazardous waste at Vlakfontein, including type 0 hazardous waste.

Why choose Averda for hazardous waste landfill management

  • Licensed & permitted

    Vlakfontein is authorised to accept and treat a range of hazardous waste streams, including type 0 hazardous waste.

  • High standard operation

    We run Vlakfontein to the highest standard in compliance with legislation, with specialist staff and top-tier equipment and technology.

  • Environmental monitoring

    Once Vlakfontein is closed, we will monitor groundwater, borehole water, surface water, and gas, to name a few, to ensure environmental safety.

  • Long-term commitment

    We are committed to the rehabilitation of landfill sites post-closure, for a minimum of 30 years.

How does it work?

Understanding your waste management needs

We talk to you to understand your waste disposal requirements and will send an Averda representative to collect samples of your waste.

Sample testing

We assess the waste sample to determine a suitable disposal solution for you.

Tailor-made solutions

Once we have assessed the type of waste you need to dispose of, we quote you on a personalised waste management solution that fits your disposal needs.

We provide you with bins

We have a range of bins that we supply to you depending on your waste disposal requirements, from wheely bins to Ro-Ros and skips, to prepare your waste for collection.

Waste removal

Our certified Averda vehicles arrive on-site at a conveniently arranged time to collect your waste.

End-to-end disposal

Our certified Averda vehicles transport your collected rubbish to the nearest appropriate landfill where it is weighed for its Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). The rubbish is then disposed of and the vehicle is weighed again to determine the empty weight. Ad hoc waste collection is charged based on the exact weight of the rubbish disposed of. Once your waste is disposed of, we issue you with a safe disposal certificate for your records.

Vlakfontein, a good neighbour

The impact of the Vlakfontein facility extends beyond the realm of waste management. This ripple effect leads to an uplifted community and environment and accommodates continuous innovation.

We listen to the concerns of our neighbouring communities and take practical steps to tackle any problems that might affect them and their quality of life, such as odours emitted by the site. These measures include:

  • Providing local residents with a WhatsApp number for them to contact the site manager at any time.
  • Installing a system that sprays the waste every 90 seconds to dampen any smells.
  • Installing e-nose sentinel units to take odour samples in the prevailing wind.
  • Installing real-time data monitors to track air quality.

In addition to tackling concerns about unpleasant odours, we have proven to be good neighbours by maintaining local roads and installing 28km of game fencing around the conservancy area to keep the animals in.

Averda South Africa is a trusted part of the community at the Vlakfontein landfill site, and community complaints are now rare.

The impact of the Vlakfontein facility extends beyond the realm of waste management. This ripple effect leads to an uplifted community and environment and accommodates continuous innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

es. In addition, we constantly monitor and review our management practices to ensure they meet the highest international standards of sustainability. Averda is a leading waste management provider with over 35 years of experience across three continents.

Hazardous waste has the potential to be harmful to human health, as well as the environment. Averda South Africa currently has a Class A registered hazardous landfill, with management practices in place. This landfill is located in Vlakfontein, Vereeniging.

Averda South Africa has the expertise and experience to manage any type of landfill on behalf of their clients, countrywide. This includes land rehabilitation and the implementation and management of administrative procedures, operational controls, and regulatory compliance to ensure that every facility operates at maximum levels of safety and efficiency.