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On-site waste management solutions for industry

Our technology

Averda South Africa offers comprehensive, expertly handled, on-site waste management solutions customised to your specific waste disposal needs, allowing you the time to focus on what really matters to your business.

Why choose Averda for on-site waste management solutions for industry

  • Licensed & permitted

    Vlakfontein is authorised to accept and treat a range of hazardous waste streams, including type 0 hazardous waste.

  • High standard operation

    We run Vlakfontein to the highest standard in compliance with legislation, with specialist staff and top-tier equipment and technology.

  • Environmental monitoring

    Once Vlakfontein is closed, we will monitor groundwater, borehole water, surface water, and gas, to name a few, to ensure environmental safety.

  • Long-term commitment

    We are committed to the rehabilitation of landfill sites post-closure, for a minimum of 30 years.

How does it work?

Waste management audit

We visit your waste generation site and conduct a total waste management audit looking at all your waste streams and affected areas and devise a solution that is personalised to your specific on-site waste management needs.

Sample assessment

We assess a waste stream sample taken from your site to determine the most suitable disposal solution.

Bins provided

We supply you with all the necessary bins you will need for on-site containment of your waste.

On-site labour

From janitors who execute a cleaning and waste sorting portfolio to automotive cleaning robots and high-capability operators who operate heavy machinery and equipment, we provide you with the necessary staff to expertly execute your bespoke on-site solution.

On-site machinery

If your site is spacious enough to accommodate heavy machinery, we supply the necessary equipment, such as bailers or smaller blending platforms, for on-site handling of waste before a certified Averda vehicle moves the waste off-site for recycling, landfill diversion, or to one of our treatment facilities for expertly managed disposal.

Staff training

We offer tailor-made on-site staff training, ensuring your employees are fully equipped with the knowledge of how to correctly handle your waste, from canteen waste through to high-hazardous waste.

Our on-site waste management solutions assist you in achieving your zero-waste to landfill, waste-minimisation, and sustainability targets. We ensure your business waste is responsibly handled to the highest level of compliance with environmental and human safety legislation.

How we support you

We have a division set up specifically for on-site management, with highly trained staff, that are aligned to your specific requirements based on your on-site waste management solution. This ensures a collaborative engagement with you throughout the whole process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Averda SA has an integrated waste management approach. On-site waste management services enable our customers to introduce waste recycling at their factory, office building, shopping mall, hospital, or other facilities. This program offers a solution that is both cost-effective (income is generated from the recyclables) and provides customers with detailed reports allowing them to track and report on the volumes of waste recycled.

Our on-site services include:

  • Trained consultants to regularly assess the waste generated by your business and optimise your solution.
  • Placement of on-site sorters and the required equipment to maximise the extraction of recyclables and ensure minimum disposal of waste.
  • Transportation of sorted recyclable material to our bailing facilities with our in-house fleet.
  • Waste that cannot be recycled is evaluated to -where possible - find a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative to landfill.
  • Expert and accurate reporting

There are various benefits associated with an on-site service. Some of these are:

  • Compliance with all relevant legislation
  • Safety, health, environmental, and quality standards are met
  • One service provider on-site dealing with and made accountable for all waste streams
  • One invoice per month
  • Encourages an integrated approach to waste management
  • Promoted waste minimisation through reduction, re-use, and recycling

Training and awareness programs for staff at all levels

In 2020, 317 employees handled 17 933 tons of waste, of which 13 998 tons (76.7%) was recycled or diverted from landfill.