Bio Fuel


Our technology

Averda South Africa’s state-of-the-art blending platform facility can transform your business’s hazardous liquid waste into useful fuel, ensuring zero waste to landfill and helping develop South Africa’s circular economy through waste-to-fuel practices.

Why choose Averda for waste-to-fuel

  • Competitive pricing

    Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we strive to meet your waste disposal requirements and protect the environment for a better future, all while offering you competitive pricing models.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Through our blending platform, we ensure all waste not suitable for landfill is diverted and converted into waste-derived fuel, in compliance with South African government regulations.

  • Beneficial co-processing of waste

    Your waste is processed and used as waste-derived fuel, diverting it from landfill and harmful environmental impact and driving a more circular economy.

  • End-to-end traceability

    We provide you with a safe destruction certificate for your records and assurance of the handling and management of your waste disposal. The certificate not only demonstrates that disposal was done legally and in compliance with legislation, it also details the carbon saving turning your waste into fuel has contributed to.

How does it work?


We review the safety data sheet (SDS) by doing an analysis for calorific value (CV), moisture, and heavy metal content to establish if we can accept the waste at our facility.

Acceptance, quoting, and logistics

Once we have established if we can accept your waste, we develop a disposal solution suitable to your needs, provide you with a quote, and make logistical arrangements with you for the disposal process.

Waste transportation

Our certified Averda vehicle and expertly trained staff arrive at your point of generation to transport your waste to Vlakfontein for processing.

Check-in process

On arrival, our vehicle will go across a weigh-bridge where we will double check all documentation and retrieve a further sample of the waste to ensure that it is in fact the waste that we expected.

Blending platform

Your waste is offloaded in batches into our various mixing tanks where it is processed into a waste-derived fuel using our waste-to-fuel technology, along with other waste generation that compliments your waste.

Waste-derived fuel usage

Once the waste-to-fuel process is complete, the waste-derived fuel is delivered to licensed thermal processes companies, such as cement factories, for usage as a substitute for dirty coal.

Riving a circular economy

Our Class A waste management site at Vlakfontein has been designed to meet the highest environmental and safety standards. By working with you, we ensure that all your waste and environmental concerns are met, and together we can achieve your corporate sustainability ambitions through a ‘zero waste to landfill’ approach.

Averda’s innovative blending platform in Vlakfontein allows for a fully controlled and automated mechanical blending of hazardous liquids. An on-site laboratory mixes and manages all varieties of hazardous liquid waste, including neutralization, classification, and verification of suitability for transformation into waste-derived fuel through our waste-to-fuel technology.

How we support you

Averda South Africa handles the end-to-end process of disposal of your waste in compliance with legislation. We also provide you with guidance on the documentation process that you need to follow to register your waste with SAWIS regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly that. The disposal of hazardous waste creates major economic and environmental problems. One productive use of hazardous waste is to blend them into fuel, which mitigates damage to the environment by recycling waste into fuel and reducing consumption of harmful low-grade coal. The fuel depends on the waste received. Averda South Africa has a world-class blending platform at our Vlakfontein site which is equipped to do just this.

The fuel created can be used in different applications. For further information, get in touch with one of our sales professionals.

Very. At Averda South Africa, we take all the necessary precautions during the manufacturing process to ensure minimal damage to the environment, whilst taking the utmost care of our valued staff members.