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Construction waste removal


We offer experienced and competitively priced end-to-end building rubble removal solutions for clients big and small across a variety of sectors, including municipal, automotive, oil and gas, mining, energy and power, and manufacturing.

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Why choose Averda for construction waste removal

  • Safety first

    Our commitment to safety is company-wide, from the CEO to each worker deployed on a project, and ensures accountability at all levels.

  • Education

    We empower our clients by educating them on the correct way to dispose of their building rubble.

  • Value in waste

    Construction by-products are collected, sorted, and recycled to ensure all possible value is extracted from your waste.

  • Cleaning services

    In addition to removing building rubble, we also provide a range of specialised cleaning services, including high-pressure hosing and catalyst handling.

How does it work?

Understanding your building rubble removal requirements

We talk to each client to understand your precise construction waste requirements – from household renovations to commercial development.

Risk assessment

In cases of hazardous waste materials, we will take a sample of the waste stream to determine a suitable disposal solution and help you with completing a waste profile


Once a suitable construction waste removal solution has been determined, we will supply you with a quote based on the treatment method and management required.

End-to-end disposal

Our certified Averda vehicles collect your construction waste and transport it to the nearest landfill where it is weighed for its Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). The building rubble is then disposed of and the vehicle is weighed again to determine the empty weight. Ad hoc waste collection is charged based on the weight of the waste disposed of or if a quote has not been generated upfront.

Waste manifest

Once your construction waste has been disposed of, we draft a waste manifest as proof of building rubble disposal compliance.

Building rubble removal

We understand that every construction project is different in its scale and waste generation. At Averda, we work with you to develop a solution that meets your construction waste removal needs, minimises your costs and creates an environment where you are maximising your construction productivity. Our end-to-end waste management solutions meet the health and safety regulations of South Africa, with strict consideration of environmental impact and human safety.

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Supporting your construction waste collection needs

We assess your waste collection needs and where necessary assist you with meeting your regulatory requirements, including registration with SAWIS, enabling you to track your entire waste trail and see what we have logged on their behalf.

We provide our clients with the most environmentally responsible treatment methods at the best available price on the market and continue to monitor the site of disposal to ensure that their waste is not having an environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various benefits to allowing Averda South Africa the opportunity to assist in the management and disposal of your construction waste. These include adherence to compliance standards, high standards of health and safety, and reduced disposal costs.

Averda South Africa is recognised as a market leader in the safe disposal of asbestos-related material. Speak to one of our sales professionals today for further information.

There are many different types of construction waste. Some of the most common are concrete, bricks, tiles, cement, ceramics, paints and varnishes.