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Covid-19 services


We provide highly specialised Covid-19 services through both the safe collection, treatment, and disposal of Covid-19 waste materials, and proper cleaning of Covid-19 infected areas, ensuring peace of mind for all.

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Why choose Averda for Covid-19 services

  • Compliance with legislation

    At Averda, our services are managed in total compliance with national legislation mandating the correct way of handling and disposing of Covid-19 waste.

  • National footprint

    We offer our Covid-19 services countrywide, with exceptionally high turnaround times.

  • Highly qualified staff

    Our staff are experts in the Covid-19 services and are well equipped to accurately and effectively support you throughout the whole process.

  • 24/7 service

    Averda is the only Covid-19 service provider in South Africa offering Covid-19 waste management solutions 24/7.

How does it work?

First contact

We conduct an analysis over the phone to confirm we may be dealing with Covid-19 infected waste.

Site visit

We visit the location where waste is being generated to assess the Covid-19 waste requirements and determine the most cost-effective solution for our clients based on their needs.

Quote generation

We send the client a quote based on the requirements and information gathered during the initial assessment for either a one-off collection or regular service.

Containers provided

We provide our clients with the necessary containers and biohazardous tape for storing their Covid-19 waste for scheduled collection.

Covid-19 waste collection

Our biohazardous waste compliant Averda vehicles arrive on a schedule, or pre-arranged time, to transport the generated Covid-19 waste to the nearest treatment facility.

Covid-19 waste treatment

We treat the Covid-19 waste in either an ETD facility (Electro-Thermal Deactivation) or one of our incinerators and issue a safe disposal ticket for the treated waste to the client.

Disposal of medical waste

Once the Covid-19 waste has been treated, it is transported to Vlakfontein, the only hazardous waste landfill of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is safely disposed of.

End-to-end tracking

We track the entire disposal of Covid-19 waste, from cradle to grave, via our RFID technology, True Track, to ensure safety and compliance.

Covid-19 service offering

Covid-19 Waste Management: Facilities around South Africa rely on our comprehensive, cradle-to-grave management solutions, fully compliant with SANS 10248 legislation, for the safe and effective handling of their Covid-19 infected waste.

Covid-19 Cleaning Services: Our surface sanitisation and fogging services reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection, offered to clients as either a regular or one-off sanitisation service, to both buildings and vehicles, helping to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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Supporting your Covid-19 service needs

Averda not only manages the end-to-end process of Covid-19 waste disposal, but we provide training at the client’s premises of all precautions that need to be taken, as well as the correct way of handling and storing infectious Covid-19 waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends entirely on the contents of the waste generated, along with the source of the waste. Please get in touch with one of our knowledgeable sales professionals for more information.

Averda South Africa is recognised as an essential service and therefore operates as per usual during the different lockdown levels.

Averda South Africa offers the pickup and safe disposal of Covid-19 infectious waste as part of our healthcare waste management programme. Please get in touch with one of our sales professionals for more information.