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No matter what kind of food waste you’re producing, from spoilage occurring at the growing stage of food production or point of consumption, to food waste that presents a human health-risk like listeriosis, Averda has a solution suitable for your needs.

We can even use organic waste to generate clean energy, through the process of anaerobic digestion. When organic materials decompose in the absence of oxygen they release large quantities of methane. Anaerobic digestion takes place in large tanks, which contain the odours and allow for the easy capture of the resulting gases which can then be fed into the local power grid. The solid residue left over from anaerobic digestion becomes compost and the liquid is transformed into a fertiliser which is able to improve the quality of soil for farmers and gardeners.

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Why choose Averda for food & organic waste

  • Integrated waste solution

    We can offer a simple, integrated solution for each of your waste streams including food and organic, meaning you only have one partner to deal with.

  • Technology

    We have access to global technology, like anaerobic digestion, that we are able to replicate in South Africa

  • Local partnerships

    Our local partnerships support our efforts to recycle food waste wherever possible, transforming it into products including compost, animal feed and fertilizer.

  • Value in compliance

    We audit all the end-users of our food waste solutions, guaranteeing strict regulatory adherence for every solution that we offer.

How does it work?

Understanding your food waste requirements

We talk to you to understand the type and volume of food waste you have to determine a solution that best fits your needs.

We equip you

We provide you with the correct bins and expert knowledge for food waste separation on site before collection by one of our Averda vehicles.

Collecting & delivering your food waste

We collect your food waste and transport it to one of our end-user partners for recycling or disposal.

Nurturing your food waste solution

When it comes to food waste, there are many solutions that we can offer. From composting, animal feed and fertilizer, to technology through local partnerships, where food waste can go for anaerobic digestion or vermiculture, we will provide you with a tailor-made solution that best suits your food waste requirements, and is managed to the highest level of compliance for human and environmental safety.

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Supporting your food & organic waste collection needs

We support your food waste recycling efforts through the proper training of sorting-at-source.

We deliver visibility campaigns on your premises to provide education on different waste streams and why recycling is so important, creating a positive culture change that has a big environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Food waste occurs for many reasons, with some types of waste (such as spoilage) occurring at almost every stage of the production and supply chain process.

This depends purely on the type of food waste. In many instances, food waste can be recycled into compost.

There are other instances where, for safety reasons, the waste must be incinerated or disposed of in a landfill.

Unfortunately, due to the risks associated with transporting this type of waste Averda South Africa only offers a drop-off service to registered transporters. We do however offer a fully tailored food waste collection service.