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General waste collection


Rubbish removal done right

Whether you’re needing a one-off waste collection or a managed rubbish removal service on a schedule, we can help. We provide you with a tailored and cost-effective end-to-end solution that fits your schedule and your pocket and is managed to the highest standard of compliance for human and environmental safety.

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Why choose Averda for general waste collection

  • Efficiency

    Our wheelie bins, together with our compacter vehicles, provide convenient and efficient waste disposal.

  • Education

    We empower our clients by educating them on the best way to dispose of their rubbish.

  • Value-Add

    We assess our client’s rubbish and recommend the best method of disposal based on the contents.

  • Rebates & discounts

    We advise our clients on how they can minimise their bills or benefit from rebates, by maximising their recycling

How does it work?

Understanding your rubbish removal requirements

We talk to our clients to understand their rubbish removal requirements – anything from a scheduled once-a-week collection to ad-hoc project clean-up.

We provide you with bins

From domestic rubbish bins and wheely bins to RoRo bins and skips, we provide you with the bin that best suits your rubbish removal need.

Rubbish removal

Our certified Averda vehicles arrive at a pre-determined site at a conveniently arranged time to collect your rubbish.

End-to-end disposal

Our certified Averda vehicles arrive with your collected rubbish at the nearest landfill where it is weighed for its Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). The rubbish is then disposed of and the vehicle is weighed again to determine the empty weight. Ad hoc waste collection is charged based on the exact weight of the rubbish disposed of.

Waste manifest

Once your rubbish has been disposed of, we provide you with the paperwork to prove that you have complied with legal rubbish disposal requirements.

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Supporting your general waste collection needs

We assess our client’s waste collection needs and give advice on how to best manage them, identifying where there is potential for price discounts and rebates to help reduce the cost of their end-to-end waste fees.

We educate our clients on compliance, ensuring they are informed on the rules in place for the disposal of their waste, safeguarding them from penalties or law-suits due to illegal dumping.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Averda South Africa, we collect your rubbish on a schedule that is convenient for you, as opposed to standard pick-up days, and we ensure that it is disposed of in the best manner possible for human and environmental safety in accordance with South African legislation.

Life happens. If for whatever reason, you are unable to attend to the pickup request, you may notify us via email or telephonically and we will arrange an alternative date with you.

Averda sorts out your collected rubbish for the best disposal methods. We recycle what we can incinerate what we can, and what is safe for the landfill will be redirected to our landfill sites.