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Hazardous waste management


Not all hazardous waste glows in the dark! Common materials such as paints, chemicals, oils, and solvents also pose a risk to environmental and human health, and so must be disposed of via a licensed hazardous waste management solution.

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Why choose Averda for hazardous waste management

  • Treatment methods

    We have developed proprietary treatment methods that are not available elsewhere, based on our own scientific research and development.

  • Radioactivity experience

    We have considerable experience managing radioactivity risks, using advanced monitoring and control levels to ensure safety.

  • Safety technology

    To reduce the health and safety impact on our people, we use innovative automation and remote-entry technology to improve efficiency and avoid man-entry if necessary.

  • Competitive pricing

    Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we strive to meet your hazardous waste requirements and protect your environment for a better future all while offering our clients competitive pricing models.

How does it work?

Sample assessment

We assess the hazardous waste sample, taken from the point of generation, to determine a suitable disposal solution.


Once we have determined a suitable disposal solution, we provide our client with a quote based on the treatment method and management required.

Treatment & disposal

We safely transport the hazardous waste to an Averda site where we verify that the waste matches the assessed sample, and then proceed to dispose of the waste via the treatment solution developed for the client.

Hazardous waste manifest

Once the waste has been disposed of, we draw up a hazardous waste manifest that details exactly how your waste has been handled from collection to disposal. If your waste was transformed into solid fuel, we’ll provide a certificate detailing the carbon saving achieved.

Experts in hazardous waste

Averda has been in the business of disposing of hazardous waste safely and responsibly for over 30 years. Our expert teams will assess your individual hazardous waste situation and offer you the best solution for disposing of your hazardous waste materials safely and legally. We also look for alternative ways of disposing of your hazardous waste, like transforming it into fuel which can be sold to the cement industry, reducing the use of dirty coal, and diverting waste from landfills.

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Supporting your hazardous waste management needs

We help our hazardous waste clients with meeting their regulatory requirements, including registration with SAWIS, which allows them to track their entire paper trail and see what we have logged on their behalf.

We provide our clients with the most environmentally responsible treatment methods at the best available price on the market and continue to monitor the site of disposal to ensure that their waste is not having a negative environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial waste is the waste generated by wastewater, construction, and demolition materials for example. Also included are scraps generated during manufacturing, as well as shipping containers, such as drums.

Hazardous industrial waste can comprise of sewage, radioactive waste, shredded circuit boards, and spent sulfuric acid, among many others.

Industrial waste requires stringent pre-work and testing at our labs to ensure that the waste is disposed of in a safe manner.

If industrial waste is not disposed of properly, it can negatively affect both the environment and human health. For this reason, additional documentation will have to be completed prior to the collection of the waste?

Unfortunately, a lot of industrial waste generated cannot be recycled. Averda South Africa does, however, have a mechanism built in place to ensure that only minimal waste generated is sent to the landfill, and where possible, waste is placed into a blending platform which converts it into fossil fuels