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Medical cannabis waste


Averda South Africa specialises in the collection, transportation, and destruction of medical cannabis waste, in strict compliance with SANS 10248 regulations, SAHPRA, and overseen by your medical cannabis license witnesses at the point of destruction.

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Why choose Averda for medical cannabis waste

  • Compliance assistance

    We help you with the necessary service agreements that you need in order to be properly registered with SAHPRA.

  • Legal liaison

    We liaise with you and all your relevant stakeholders to ensure your medical cannabis waste is destructed under your licensing witness.

  • Certification

    We supply you with a safe disposal certificate for the destruction of your medical cannabis waste.

  • Video footage

    We can provide you with footage of the start-to-end incineration of your medical cannabis waste provided by the cameras positioned at the point of destruction.

How does it work?

Let’s talk legal

We work closely with you to establish the correct progress of your medical cannabis licensing and assist you where necessary to ensure you are fully compliant with the legislation.

Assess and assist

Once we have determined legislation compliance, we assess your medical cannabis waste management requirements and provide you with a quote for a solution that best suits your needs.

Medical cannabis waste transportation

Our hazardous waste-compliant Averda vehicles arrive at your medical cannabis facility at a scheduled or pre-arranged time, to collect and transport waste to the nearest treatment facility.

Waste destruction

Once your medical cannabis waste arrives at our incinerator, it is destroyed under the watch of your cannabis license witness in accordance with legislation. From start to finish the process is recorded by our on-site cameras.

Certification & footage

We draw up a safe disposal certificate for you to include in your medical cannabis waste management compliance documents and supply you with the footage of the waste destruction, should you require it.

Destruction of medical cannabis waste

Medical cannabis facilities around South Africa trust us with the destruction of their medical cannabis waste in full compliance with South African law. From the supply of the necessary legal registration documents, to the collection, transportation and recorded or witnessed the incineration of your medical cannabis waste, we expertly manage the end-to-end process. Making the solution simple, seamless and legal and ensuring your peace of mind.

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Supporting your medical cannabis waste needs

We assess your medical cannabis waste collection needs and where necessary assist you with meeting your regulatory requirements, including registration with SAHPRA.

We provide our clients with fully compliant destruction methods at the best available price on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical cannabis waste cannot be disposed of with your general waste. There are strict compliance measures in place to ensure that the waste is disinfected, and where necessary, incinerated at one of our incineration facilities.

Averda South Africa has a range of containers available for the safe storage of medical cannabis waste on your business premises. These storage containers are branded and have a marker stating the type of waste that can be stored in them.

Once the medical cannabis waste has passed through our highly regulated disposal process, a safe destruction certificate can be issued.