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Medical waste management


Averda is one of the world’s leading medical waste management companies, specialising in the collection, transportation, and disposal of medical waste, including infectious, pathological, sharps, chemical, cytotoxic and pharmaceutical waste. We’re a partner you can rely on and an expert you can trust.

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Why choose Averda for medical waste management

  • Cradle to grave

    Averda is the only waste management company in South Africa that manages the entire end-to-end process of the collection, treatment, and disposal of medical waste, from point of generation to landfill.

  • Technology

    Tracking of waste is strictly monitored through our digital technology, from when the container leaves your facility to the point of final disposal. Our digital tracking system is completely paperless, instead, using a hygienic ‘sign on glass’ system.

  • Driver management system

    We monitor our vehicle and crew in real-time, ensuring the route, driving behavior, and task requirements where the crew’s transactions with our clients are tracked and recorded.

  • Fully compliant vehicles

    Our branded vehicles are fully compliant with hazardous waste collection and hazmat requirements, are marked with 6.2 infectious waste signage, and are specifically engineered for the transportation of medical waste.

How does it work?

Assess & assist

We visit the point of generation to assess the specific medical waste requirements of our healthcare client, and any special risk exposure that may need to be managed.

Containers provided

We provide our clients with the necessary containers, either reusable or sacrificial, depending on their medical waste management solution.

Medical waste collection

Our hazardous waste-compliant Averda vehicles arrive at the healthcare facilities according to agreed services schedules. Our highly-trained and polite staff collect and transport the generated medical waste to the nearest treatment facility.

Medical waste treatment

Medical waste is safely treated in either an ETD (Electro-Thermal Deactivation) facility or one of our incinerators, depending on the medical waste category. Infectious and sharps waste goes to the ETD, whereas the other waste categories are incinerated.

Disposal of medical waste

Once the medical waste has been treated and rendered safe, it is transported to Vlakfontein, the only hazardous waste landfill of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is finally disposed of.

End-to-end tracking

We track and record the entire disposal of medical waste, from cradle to grave, via our RFID technology, True Track, ensuring safety and compliance for us and our clients.

Disposal of medical waste

Healthcare facilities around South Africa rely on our comprehensive medical waste management system, fully compliant with the SANS 10248 legislation, for the safe and effective handling of their healthcare risk waste. From the supply of reusable or sacrificial containers to the collection, treatment, and disposal of waste, we expertly manage the end-to-end solution, making the process simple, safe, and seamless for our healthcare clients.

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