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Our different recycling bins


From industrial operations to business parks, residential complexes, and private homes, we provide our clients with the recycling bins that best suit their specific recycling needs.

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Why choose Averda for our different recycling bins

  • Wheelie bin

    The most commonly used recycling bin is the wheelie bin, perfect for when the volume of recycling materials is small. These bins can be colour-coded for each type of recyclable material and can be placed in convenient locations for easy sorting-at-source.

  • Skip bin

    Skips come in a range of sizes and are perfect if you have a large volume of recycling, or if you want to store smaller recycling bales. Skip bins are also used for collecting recyclable industrial metals.

  • RoRo bin

    Roro bins are a larger alternative to our normal skips. They’re useful for clearance projects or where ample space is available, and for this reason are widely used by industrial customers who need to dispose of a high volume of waste – from demolition and construction, through to multi-story clear-outs and ongoing manufacturing waste.

  • Static compactors

    We provide our larger clients with static compactors for storing their waste. These reduce the volume of the waste, meaning more can be transported with each trip, reducing carbon emissions and costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Averda South Africa can facilitate the placement of these recycling bins and organise pickups on a suitable day.

Yes. As a client of Averda, you are eligible for rebates when your recycling is collected distributed to our key-converters and end-user partners.