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Whether you’re an independent, family-owned restaurant, a national or global hotel chain, or a large corporate events destination, we are equipped with the skills, technology and equipment to expertly handle all your hospitality waste to the highest level of compliance with legislation and environmental and human safety.

Hospitality waste management solutions

Our solutions offer comprehensive sustainability methods that aid your hospitality business in reaching its sustainability targets by diverting waste from landfill in a variety of methods. From composting of food waste, through to repurposing your recyclable materials, and even transforming your cooking oil to energy via our waste-to-fuel technology, we can do it all.

We ensure your waste is correctly stored for collection by one of our certified Averda vehicles, through the training of your staff to correctly handle your waste at the point of generation, and by supplying you with the necessary storage equipment, from wheely bins to skips.

Our solutions are tailor-made to your specific hospitality waste needs, and fit in with your schedule, ensuring an experience that conveniently suits you.

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