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Averda South Africa offers comprehensive, expertly handled, on-site waste management solutions customised to your specific waste disposal needs, allowing you the time to focus on what really matters to your business.

Why choose Averda for on-site solutions for industry

  • Recycling rebates

    We share the profit we make from sales of reusable materials with our customers, allowing you to save money on the disposal of your waste. We’re able to do this through unique partnerships with key converters and end-users of recyclables.

  • Partners in sustainability

    We are committed to working in collaboration with you to achieve your specific sustainability targets through our on-site solutions personalised to your needs.

  • Treatment methods

    We have developed proprietary treatment methods that are not available elsewhere, based on our own scientific research and development.

  • Safety first

    Our commitment to safety is company-wide, from the CEO to each worker deployed on a project, and ensures accountability at all levels.

How does it work?

Waste management audit

We visit your waste generation site and conduct a total waste management audit looking at all your waste streams and affected areas and devise a solution that is personalised to your specific on-site waste management needs.

Sample assessment

We assess a waste stream sample taken from your site to determine the most suitable disposal solution.

Bins provided

We supply you with all the necessary bins you will need for on-site containment of your waste.

On-site labour

From janitors who execute a cleaning and waste sorting portfolio to automotive cleaning robots and high-capability operators who operate heavy machinery and equipment, we provide you with the necessary staff to expertly execute your bespoke on-site solution.

On-site machinery

If your site is spacious enough to accommodate heavy machinery, we supply the necessary equipment, such as bailers or smaller blending platforms, for on-site handling of waste before a certified Averda vehicle moves the waste off-site for recycling, landfill diversion, or to one of our treatment facilities for expertly managed disposal.

Staff training

We offer tailor-made on-site staff training, ensuring your employees are fully equipped with the knowledge of how to correctly handle your waste, from canteen waste through to high-hazardous waste.

Achieving your business' targets

Our on-site waste management solutions assist you in achieving your zero-waste to landfill, waste-minimisation, and sustainability targets. We ensure your business waste is responsibly handled to the highest level of compliance with environmental and human safety legislation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Averda SA has an integrated waste management approach. On-site waste management services enable our customers to introduce waste recycling at their factory, office building, shopping mall, hospital, or other facilities. This program offers a solution that is both cost-effective (income is generated from the recyclables) and provides customers with detailed reports allowing them to track and report on the volumes of waste recycled.

Our on-site services include:

  • Trained consultants to regularly assess the waste generated by your business and optimise your solution.
  • Placement of on-site sorters and the required equipment to maximise the extraction of recyclables and ensure minimum disposal of waste.
  • Transportation of sorted recyclable material to our bailing facilities with our in-house fleet.
  • Waste that cannot be recycled is evaluated to -where possible - find a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative to landfill.
  • Expert and accurate reporting

There are various benefits associated with an on-site service. Some of these are:

  • Compliance with all relevant legislation
  • Safety, health, environmental, and quality standards are met
  • One service provider on-site dealing with and made accountable for all waste streams
  • One invoice per month
  • Encourages an integrated approach to waste management
  • Promoted waste minimisation through reduction, re-use, and recycling

Training and awareness programs for staff at all levels

In 2020, 317 employees handled 17 933 tons of waste, of which 13 998 tons (76.7%) was recycled or diverted from landfill.