Averda enables local enterprise development

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Growing people and businesses creates sustainable economies and societies

Averda South Africa is playing an active role in investing in local enterprise development by providing entrepreneurs access to business opportunities through its Western Cape branch. Two such entrepreneurs – Vuyo Staffing and Co-ordinating and Granny Pickles – have secured contracts from the global waste-management company.

The contribution of the small business sector in addressing unemployment and stimulating economies is vital and globally small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) are the largest job creators.“As part of our commitment to engage with and enable local suppliers, it was important to approach enterprise development in an innovative way. We are assisting potential entrepreneurs such as Vuyo Staffing and Co-ordinating and Granny Pickles with the necessary development support and skills to succeed in business,” says Francois De Clercq, General Manager of Averda Western Cape, South Africa.“The establishment of Vuyo Staffing and Co-ordinating is evidence of enterprise development and providing home-grown opportunities,” adds De Clercq.Averda employee, Vuyolwhethu (Vuyo) Patrick Tolota’s aspiration was to become an entrepreneur. Vuyo completed Averda’s three-year in-house training programme, which empowered him with on-the-job training across all departments.Vuyo’s strength in managing employees served as the catalyst in starting his own business with the added security of remaining as an Averda employee. Since then, Vuyo Staffing and Co-ordinating has secured six contracts from Averda to manage on-site employees responsible for waste segregation. Today, the company has several employees and is able to expand through independent contracts.“The exposure and knowledge I have received as a result of this training is invaluable. I was given access to all areas of Averda’s business operations and received training on how the business works, be it in sales, marketing, recycling, on-site management or logistics,” says Vuyo.The second opportunity Averda identified in the enterprise development space was finding a local entrepreneur with the right experience and skills to work with the company on a waste management contract for the City of Cape Town. Patrick Johnson, semi-retired owner of Granny Pickles, was referred to Averda and awarded the contract.“In order to deliver a seamless service and fulfil our contractual obligations, we needed to increase significantly the number of waste bins we had, across all types and sizes,” says De Clercq.As part of the contract, Averda provides the company with access to its boiler shop and the necessary consumables and raw materials required to manufacture the waste bins. Since then, Averda has extended its relationship with Granny Pickles for ongoing refurbishment requirements. The company employs five full time staff members.“Thanks to Averda, I have achieved my goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. “I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me. Averda really does live its vision to create better lives. Retirement will have to wait!” says Johnson.Averda is South Africa’s first multinational waste-management company. It aspires to employ the best people in all countries of operation, drawing on global expertise to enable skills transfer. The successful delivery of all services and optimised operations is paramount.