Health and safety is important everywhere, but particularly for the oil and gas industry, where the potential for a major accident is ever-present. At Averda, we focus relentlessly on safety, and we have many years of experience providing tailored, technical cleaning and waste disposal services for the petrochemical sector, internationally and here in South Africa.

Our expert teams will work with you to deliver the industrial cleaning services you require, whilst at all times prioritising the integrity and wellbeing of people, the environment, assets and your reputation (PEAR).

Solutions for the petrochemicals industry

Averda South Africa is a national leader in the safe cleaning of petrochemical equipment. But our services don’t stop at cleaning. Averda is licenced and experienced at safely transporting and disposing of all forms of hazardous wastes, including sludges and liquids generated from the industrial cleaning process. In addition, we can provide onsite waste generation minimisation, including recycling water and oil as well as the logistics required to remove your waste.

Finally, our expert disposal teams will arrange the best waste disposal options for your specific waste stream, even transforming hazardous wastes into fuel for the cement industry.

From the supply of all required equipment and personnel to the collection, treatment, and disposal of the waste, we expertly manage the end-to-end solution, making the process simple, safe, and seamless for our petrochemical clients.