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Averda South Africa are experts in handling hazardous waste and are especially experienced in handling the dry hazardous wastes generated through mining. No matter what materials you’re mining, from gold to coal, we have a solution to manage the waste generated from the process, leaving you to focus on managing your operations.

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We are certified in the handling, treatment, and disposal of hazardous waste. We have particular expertise in the safe management of asbestos, a highly-regulated material in South Africa, commonly generated during the mining process, which must be carefully handled because of its effects on human health.

We own the Class A hazardous waste landfill site, Vlakfontein, which is expertly designed, constructed, and managed to the highest degree of compliance. It is the largest hazardous waste landfill in South Africa and is ready to accept high volumes of waste. We are certified to dispose of various categories of hazardous waste at Vlakfontein, including type 0 hazardous waste.

Our solutions are tailor-made to your specific mining waste needs. We can collect from your site at a schedule that’s convenient for you or provide a disposal-only solution where you bring the waste to us.

Call us today and arrange for our expert scientific team to test samples of your materials and advise on the most appropriate solution for your waste and your wallet.

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