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    Averda in Morocco - A Success Story

    Averda, the international integrated waste management provider, has been serving the Moroccan market for 3 years.

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    Starting in 2012 in Nador with waste collection and sweeping services, now Averda has expanded its operations to Berkane, Rabat and Casablanca.

    An outline of the services provided by Averda in these four significant Moroccan cities includes waste collection, street washing as well as manual and mechanical sweeping. Averda’s contribution to the Moroccan economic development and social initiatives has reached a significant level, currently employing over 3,500 people and having made investments in relevant equipment and services amounting to approximately 500,000,000 MAD.

    Averda’s operational fleet in Morocco is made up of more than 360 sweepers, waste compacters, trucks, loaders, tankers, skip-loaders, bin washers and pick-up trucks. In total, over the 3 years of its operations in Morocco, Averda has commissioned and provided to the municipalities it partners with more than 17,000 metal and plastic bins for the collection of municipal solid waste, green waste and street trash bins, with an aggregated quantity of more than 2.6 million tons of waste being collected and disposed of from the streets of Nador, Berkane, Rabat and Casablanca up to date.

    During its three years in Morocco, Averda has ensured that a real dialogue and partnership was fostered and developed with the most important social actors of the Moroccan landscape, such as trade unions, NGOs and the communities it serves. Averda has worked in close partnership with a wide variety of local and regional civic associations in Morocco, taking particular pride in the awareness campaigns it has run and sponsored, such as Association Jeunesse et Enfant pour le Développement in Rabat, Association pour le Développement Durable in Berkane, Association des Enseignants de Science et Vie de la Terre in Nador and Bilad el Kheir in Casablanca.

    Mr Firas Arakji, Averda’s General Manager for Morocco, said: “Morocco is one of the most significant markets in Maghreb region and what we have tried to achieve during these years was divided into two main components: to provide our municipal clients with the best waste management service at the most competitive prices but, mostly, to ensure that Averda’s approach and attitude towards waste and waste minimization finds its way into the Moroccan people’s hearts and minds.

    We are a socially responsible organisation and in all the countries we operate we aim to change the people’s perceptions of waste: how we treat and protect the environment we work and live in, how efficiently we use the energy and other resources needed to perform our daily activities and how we can reuse, recycle and capitalise on this by-product called “waste”.”