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    Averda launches corporate strategy - ‘Renew’

    Focused on unlocking the value from waste

    Averda, the leading end-to-end waste management and recycling company in emerging markets, is pleased to announce the launch of a new 3-year corporate strategy “Renew”, which puts considerably greater emphasis on sustainability and circularity, implementing a number of initiatives aimed at reducing waste to landfill and deriving secondary value from collected waste.

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    Between now and the end of 2024, Averda will transform its portfolio balance to ensure revenue increasingly comes from recycling, composting and waste to energy, rather than from clean and collect, as is the case today. The ambitious targets will be achieved through a carefully managed expansion and innovation programme, establishing Averda as the leading authority on how to process waste in an environmentally friendly manner in developing countries.

    Averda is already working with its private and municipal clients across its countries of operation to drive an improvement in waste treatment and has long recognised the vital role that waste management has to play in improving the environment and addressing climate change.

    The official launch of the new strategy has been preceded by the creation of several recent senior appointments at both Board and executive level. These include Supriya Sen as Independent Non -Executive Director, Brindha Roberts as Group Director of Sustainability, Mariam Ansari as Director of Plastics Recycling and Lisa Emami as Chief Talent Officer.

    These appointments reflect Averda’s strategic focus on bringing cutting edge recycling techniques to the emerging world and its commitment to develop talent and staff diversity at every level. Averda’s activities in creating a sustainable business and promoting an inclusive and supportive working environment have recently been recognised by Sustainalytics, one of the leading global environmental, social and governance ratings agencies. Averda secured the highest rating amongst its peers in the facilities maintenance subindustry with an overall ESG risk rating of Low due to the improved management of its critical risk factors.

    Malek Sukkar, CEO of Averda, commented: “This strategy puts sustainability at the heart of our business, at a time when such initiatives are of critical importance in supporting global targets aimed at creating a greener, cleaner and fairer planet. Responsible waste management, especially in the emerging world, is a big challenge for all market participants. Averda wants to take a leadership role by continuing to work closely with local governments and municipalities to find practical solutions for the gradual elimination of waste, as part of its support for a more circular economy.”

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