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    Averda Launches e waste collection in Oman

    Averda, the largest waste management company in the Middle East and North Africa, is launching the first electronic waste collection service during Earth Hour event held by the Environment Society of Oman at Al Mouj Golf course between 5 and 7pm on the 28th

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    “We are delighted to be providing an e-waste service for the first time in Oman. We urge Muscat’s esteemed communities to be an active participant in improving their environment and to bring unwanted electronics to Averda’s dedicated e-waste bin during Oman Earth Hour festivities.” Said Youssef Barake, Averda Oman country manager.​

    Electronics like laptops, cell phones and other portable electronic devices are increasingly replaced by new models as consumers’ purchase power and technology savvy increases. The exponential growth in production and consumption of electronics means that e-waste has become the fastest growing waste stream, with 45 million tons of e-waste generated globally. Proper management means less waste to landfill, the disposal of harmful substances and recovery of precious resources to be recycled back into the economy.​

    Almost 17 kg of e waste is generated per inhabitant in Oman. Averda will be collecting old desktops and laptops, keyboards, monitors, mobile phones, hard disks and printers. A representative is also on hand to explain the e-waste life cycle to members of the community partaking in ESO’s Earth Hour event this Saturday.​

    Averda is helping reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, minimize the hazardous environmental impacts of e-waste and assist in the recovery of valuable material around the GCC where it operates. Averda launched Dubai’s first e-waste collection service in partnership with Dubai Municipality during “Clean Up the World” campaign last year.​

    Averda is providing environmental services to the public sector in Oman since 2009 and is the first to introduce the hygienic and space saving underground waste container system. Averda is also providing medical waste treatment in Oman and its integrated waste management solutions to the private sector including banks, construction, education, industry, residential and retail.