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    Averda officially launches its operations in the Republic of Congo

    Averda has officially launched its operations in the Republic of Congo during a formal reception attended by high level representatives of the Congolese Government and Brazzaville Municipality.

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    Known as one of sub-Saharan Africa's main oil producers and for its rainforests, Congo is rapidly changing its international outreach, placing high emphasis on the development, infrastructure and cleanliness of its capital city – Brazzaville. Averda’s operations started in Brazzaville in August 2015, and from April 2016 Averda will be responsible for the cleanliness of the capital’s 9 districts.

    In January 2016 Averda has also been contracted by the Municipality of Brazzaville to design, build and operate the first cell of the city landfill, deploying the most up-to-date international standards of environmental compliance in this highly specialised waste disposal area.

    With a Congolese workforce in excess of 1,100 people and intensive further recruitment in the upcoming months, Averda prides itself with the high quality working conditions offered to its Brazzaville employees which include fire training, safety training, the latest personal protective equipment, food allowances and private healthcare. In addition, Averda also has on-site medical facilities, staffed with medical doctors and nurses.

    As part of along lasting partnership with the Congolese community, Averda has also kept in close contact with a number of schools in Brazzaville, supporting them with relevant information and presentations related to waste cycles and environment protection.

    A fleet of 100 Averda trucks and mechanical sweepers can be seen on the streets of Brazzaville, providing the mechanical sweeping of 150 km of asphalt while the street-sweepers cover over 200 km of roads and pavements. A first for the Congolese workforce is Averda’s “IRIS scan” system, used for ensuring not just the workforce safety and security but, also, for ensuring the proper resource allocation and fleet movements.

    During the formal proceedings of Congo operations launch, Mr Maysarah Sukkar the Chairman of Averda said:

    We are proud to serve the people of Brazzaville and we are proud of over 1,000 people we have employed locally who work tirelessly to keep the city clean. We are honoured to make a difference to people’s lives and the environment they all share.

    Wherever we work, we make a commitment to our clients, to the society and to the environment. Our vision is to ensure Brazzaville is a unique, clean and happy place to work, invest and live.”