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    Dugong in open water

    Averda supports environmental initiative in Qatar

    Brings passion for cleansing to help protect marine wildlife

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    Averda, the leading end-to-end waste management company in the emerging world, has been collaborating with United Development Company (UDC) and other groups in an initiative to improve the habitat of threatened sea cows living near The Pearl,

    one of the largest real-estate developments in the Middle East. Qatar has the second largest population of dugongs (commonly known as sea cows) in the world. Little is known about these shy marine mammals other than they feed on sea grass in shallow water near the shore. This habitat is threatened by the presence of rubbish, so Averda teamed up with UDC and a number of other national organisations to support a beach and seabed cleaning operation.

    Scuba divers and organisers collected the waste which was showcased for all to see and Averda then sent it to designated waste points for recovery, treatment or disposal.

    Averda’s usual operations in Qatar involve the full range of community and business waste management services including via Qatar’s advanced neighbourhood-wide underground waste vacuum system.

    “We are used to tackling all types of waste and litter on land, but are happy to use our expertise and passion for cleaning to support keeping the seabed clean and protect Qatar’s beautiful natural world,” explained Mariam Ansari, Averda’s Head of Special Projects.

    Promoting the benefits of recycling and supporting the environment are central to Averda’s philosophy that a cleaner world leads to better lives. Averda will continue to do everything it can to preserve the ecosystems where it operates and assist UDC as much as possible in achieving Qatar National Vision 2030, the State’s goal of transforming Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development by 2030.