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    Averda takes up cudgels against Covid-19, paints vehicles with messages to create mass awareness against virus

    To create mass awareness around the Coronavirus pandemic and instil behavioural change, Averda, a global waste management firm, and Amritsar Municipal Corporation (AMC) have jointly launched a unique campaign to enhance people's participation in the ongoing fight against Covid-19.

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    The agencies have painted around 25 per cent of waste-carrying vehicles with pictorial messages, appealing residents of the Holy city to observe appropriate Covid-19 behaviour to stay safe and sound. The idea has clicked as the people are appreciative of what Averda and AMC have done.

    “It is a laudable move, indeed. Feedback from the people is very good. Mass awareness is the key to fighting the pandemic in a sustainable manner. Averda India and Amritsar Municipal Corporation (AMC) have partnered to keep the city neat and clean, and its people free from the impact of infectious viruses like Covid-19,” said officials of AMC.

    A fleet of 30 compactors and big trucks are engaged in collecting wastes from across the city and carrying them to dumpsites. Around 25 per cent of these vehicles have been painted with messages to spread messages around Covid-19. “Although Covid-19 cases have dropped, this campaign will continue since we consider it important to keep up the vigil. It will serve as a reminder to the city to take necessary precautions and stay ready to battle the third wave, if and when it happens,” added AMC officials.

    “It is a joint effort by Averda and AMC to ensure the city residents are ever vigilant to check the spread of Covid-19 and other infections, most of which are caused by mishandling of wastes and lack of personal hygiene. Even as the city is slowly opening up, Averda and AMC do not want to take any chances,” said Amit Bajpai, India Director, Averda.

    Bajpai further said: “We also want to make people aware of disposing off Covid-19 wastes like masks, PPE kits, and gloves very carefully so as these do not infect others. The more the people are aware, the better empowered they will be to stop the spread of the virus.”

    Averda with the help of AMC, civil society, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders has also been promoting home composting as a habit among the residents of the holy city. As per an estimate, an Indian family of four produces an average of 2.2 kg of waste each day. It is on the higher side in a metropolis. Averda has also launched an aggressive campaign to ensure waste segregation at source.