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    Changing the Central African Landscape – Averda in Gabon

    In December 2014, Averda signed a contract with the Gabonese Government for the performance of waste management services for the city of Libreville, Gabon’s capital, for a period of 5 years, with an automatic renewal for a period of 2 years thereafter, until 2021.

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    Averda takes great pride in being the first integrated waste management group to have been formally contracted to ensure the cleanliness of Libreville, being also the first one to have cleaned the public beaches, roadways, rainwater drains, accessible gutters of tarmacked roads and river banks adjacent to this capital city.

    Considered to be Central Africa's most progressive nation, Gabon is known for its protected parkland that makes up more than 10% of its area, undiscovered wonderland of thick jungle, white-sand beaches, rushing rivers and ethereal landscapes and Averda ensured that the cleanliness level of the Gabonese capital is similar to that encountered in any major Western metropole.

    To date, Averda has collected and disposed of more than 208,000 tonnes of waste, employing in excess of 680 people and providing a 24-hour service to the Gabonese Government and Municipality of Libreville. Averda’s employees in Gabon benefit of monthly bonuses, paid overtime hours and relevant insurance coverage, including relevant on-the-job training.

    For Libreville and its catchment areas, Averda’s services include the collection of household waste, bulky waste, rubble, garden waste and refuse from illicit rubbish dumps, local markets, street markets, wholesale markets, fairs and so on, including the transportation of the collected waste to the Mindoubé Landfill.

    Moreover, Averda’s activities in Gabon bring a direct benefit to the country’s increasing tourism industry, these including the manual and mechanical cleaning of the asphalt highways, accessible public beaches, riverbanks and river mouths.

    Mr. Zaher Mansour, Averda’s Project Director for Gabon said “Due to its location along the Atlantic coast of Equatorial Africa, Gabon’s capital city is home to over a third of its population and renowned for its modern pace of life. We are absolutely thrilled to have effected, a year into our contract, such a powerful and lasting impact not just on the general outlook of the capital and its renowned beauty but, also, on the way in which the general population of Libreville perceives waste.

    Understanding that plastic bottles should not be thrown on the street, that the waste should be disposed of responsibly and that the duty of care starts with every resident of Libreville are a part of the significant milestones we have achieved in Gabon. At Averda, our community reach component is as important as the contractual one and our main goal is that of educating and enabling the people to respect and protect the environment.”