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    On Earth Day, Averda announces support for Prince of Wales' Terra Carta initiative

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    Today, on International Earth Day, Averda, the leading end-to-end waste management, treatment and recycling company in emerging markets, is delighted to announce it has become an official supporter of the Terra Carta, the global business proposition from the Sustainable Markets Initiative.

    Launched by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, on 11 January 2021, the Terra Carta lists ten action articles for the decade and aims to engage the transformative power, innovation and resources of the private sector towards an inclusive, prosperous and sustainable future.

    In the Terra Carta’s statement of intent, the voluntary commitments include supporting international agreements on the climate, biodiversity and desertification, and make investment and financial flows consistent with a future of low greenhouse gas emissions.

    Averda has pledged to support the Terra Carta, its principles and action articles, as they complement Averda’s existing sustainability commitments. The company has been an advocate of the circular economy for years through a number of initiatives, including developing formal waste collection, recycling centres, composting and facilities to recover the energy from waste in emerging economies around the world. Averda is making significant further investments into innovative technologies and treatments for a wide range of materials in order to support the transition to a more sustainable, reduced carbon economy across its countries of operation.

    HRH The Prince of Wales, said: “The more companies that sign up to the Terra Carta, the greater its capability will be to drive the change we so desperately need. I can only encourage more people to join this urgent call to arms.”

    Malek Sukkar, CEO of Averda, said: “We are proud to join HRH The Prince of Wales’ Terra Carta charter - every day must be Earth Day. We share the Prince’s belief that the private sector must drive the global change towards a sustainable future, and we look forward to expanding our contributions. Our effort to constantly innovate the way we do business — including recycling and energy efficiency initiatives, as well as converting waste into energy, is a first impactful step within this important commitment. Being part of such a prestigious coalition of the willing makes us optimistic for the future that we can create together.”